Our survey says…

Our survey says…

For the last nine years, Kalimex, global distributors of K-Seal permanent coolant leak repair and UK distributors of the JLM Lubricants’ product range, has commissioned an independent market research company. Here is the 105 page report distilled into 500 words!

In December 2018, the research team contacted 200 motor factor stockists – comprising those from buying groups as well as independents – to find out:

Whether or not K-Seal is still a number one bestselling category product

  1. Their awareness of JLM Lubricants’ products
  2. Is the online world good or bad for motor factors?
  3. What mechanics think about K-Seal and the JLM range
  4. Are electric vehicles affecting factors’ business?

Is K-Seal your number one bestseller?

To date, over seven million bottles have been sold worldwide. Just a few months ago, K-Seal became the number one category bestseller in America. But, it’s a hotly contested category in the UK and USA.

The researchers reported:

  • ‘K-Seal continues to perform exceptionally well in terms of popularity, reputation and dealer recommendations.’
  • ‘K-Seal is the clear and emphatic number one across all types of leak sealant. 88% of retailers declare it their bestselling brand.’

Stockist comments included:

  • “K-Seal is now the market leader and I’ve stocked it for a long time. It’s better for general leaks but it also fixes major leaks on a vehicle.”
  • “K-Seal is so good it sells itself. If that won’t cure the radiator leak, then it’s knackered. I’ve used it myself.”

Our survey says...

How aware of JLM Lubricants’ products are you?

The researchers reported: “Awareness has improved this year, going from 63.5% to 68.3%. Substantially more of the buying group members are aware at 77%.

Stockist comments included:

  • “They do some cracking products, EGR cleaner and others; all their stuff is very good. Just not high profile enough.”
  • “We stock everything they do. DPF cleaners are their main target.”

Is the prominence of online retail good or bad for motor factors?

In previous years, stockists have said internet sales are affecting their sales. The mood had changed, however, with researchers reporting: “Customers continue to be well informed when they visit the retailer, with the vast majority asking for a brand by name. The general perception is they are doing homework online. Having said that, stockist recommendations also remain important; some need a little extra guidance.”

Does the trade recommend K-Seal and JLM Lubricants’ products?

The answer was a resounding yes for both brands. Comments included:

  • “The garages buy it. We never get asked for anything else.” (K-Seal)
  • “The garages genuinely ask for K-Seal all the time.”
  • “We sell a lot of JLM’s DPF range to garages on the back of Darren Darling using their products.” (Darren is the founder of The DPF Doctor Network and an independent ambassador for JLM Lubricants)

Is the presence of electric vehicles in the market generating sales?

As the researchers reported, electric vehicles have some way to go before stockists are convinced of their spin-off selling potential: “The advent of electric vehicles ownership has not yet translated into many retailers stocking relevant products and although most think that electric vehicles will have no impact, only 5.5% see them as positively affecting business.”

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