Aisin discusses counterfeit parts

Aisin discusses counterfeit parts

With the sale of counterfeit parts still a cause for concern within the aftermarket, Aisin stresses that it is going the extra mile to put such activity to a halt.

Aisin claims to have always been actively involved in preventing the manufacturing and sale of counterfeit products. With its own Intellectual Property Rights department, the company has a special team of trained people focusing on counterfeit parts. In addition to these efforts, Aisin is also participating in the ‘NO Counterfeit Parts’ movement in conjunction with the Japan Auto Parts Industries Association (JAPIA).

Aim and activity

When it comes to the issue of counterfeit parts, Aisin stresses that its goal is to prevent them from coming into contact with end users. As is well known throughout the industry, these parts could prevent the car from operating properly, thereby compromising the safety of the driver, those inside and in the vicinity of the vehicle, and the vehicle itself.

As Aisin is a global company, it has local offices and a legal network that spans across the world. It is here that the company is able to find counterfeit parts and the sellers of these parts, and take appropriate action. As a boost to this operation, Aisin has its own packaging design and brand logo which is protected by trademarks in more than 160 countries, thus ensuring copyright protection.

Throughout the aftermarket, Aisin recognises itself as having a reputation for developing products of high quality that will provide a long service life. On top of this, its aftermarket products are no different to its OE standards and specifications.

Currently, if infringement by counterfeit products is confirmed, the company is working with lawyers around the world to detect and stop this unethical practice. Studies have shown that many people buying counterfeit products are unaware that they are doing so, but it has been proven that counterfeit parts offer inferior performance and safety. Additionally, the Aisin brand’s trust is compromised. Therefore, it is the company’s objective to provide reliable, trouble-free and safe motoring to everyone.

Don’t Produce! Don’t Sell! Don’t Buy!

JAPIA has provided a series of posters as part of the No Counterfeit Parts movement. To provide international awareness of illegal activities, posters are available in several key languages: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic. To receive posters and any additional information, factors are advised to contact their local sales representatives.

Keeping your eyes peeled

Here are some examples of counterfeit products discovered:

Aisin counterfeit parts
Aisin original products.
Aisin original products
Counterfeit products.

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