Mannol UK describes its recent expansion

Mannol UK describes its recent expansion

Following Mannol UK’s recent expansion of its distribution centre, PMF takes a deeper look into the new facility.

As is the case with many fast-growing companies, a decision needs to be taken on whether or not to take the next step. Mannol UK, a supplier of lubricants and parts to the aftermarket, was established in 2013 and, having experienced rapid growth, found that the time was right to expand its distribution centre.

The previous warehouse covered 28,000ftÇ. Although fairly large, the company’s leadership deemed this to be too small for its growing popularity amongst technicians. With the expansion of Mannol’s network of clients across the country, the company was distributing more orders, rendering the former warehouse capacity insufficient.

The new expanded logistics facility – based in Northampton – covers 65,000ftÇ and currently has the capacity to hold in excess of £3million in stock. On top of this, the company can increase this even further – up to five times as much if required.

In terms of location, operating out of Northampton enables Mannol to be at the heart of the UK’s motorway network. This perfectly suits the company’s needs, as it enables it to deliver stock quickly and efficiently to the company’s expanding customer base throughout the UK and Ireland.

Mannol expansion

Jevgenij Lyzko, Mannol UK’s Managing Director, had this to say on the new distribution centre: “The expansion of the distribution facility reflects growing demand for Mannol lubricants and additives, as well as fast expanding sales of our car care and workshop product ranges. With the new facilities on stream, we can continue to serve our customers across the UK with prompt deliveries and excellent product availability. Unlike some other suppliers, we have been able to maintain our excellent level of customer service throughout the Brexit transition period, and the new facility will further improve efficiency.

“The process of expansion went quickly and smoothly. As a result of the move, we have been able to increase not only our stock volume, but our product range as well. On top of this, we have also increased our order volume. Moving to the new facility in Northampton has helped us to offer shorter delivery times to our customers, whilst in-house, our team has also expanded, with new roles and new people joining the team. The working environment itself has improved, being more modern and much more spacious, which is very beneficial during the pandemic.”

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