AAG’s Nick Hood is interviewed about his role

AAG’s Nick Hood is interviewed about his role

Following the news that Alliance Automotive Group UK (AAG) has acquired the CAAR buying group and consequently appointed Nick Hood, we had the opportunity to submit some questions to the new retail sales director. Here is part one of the interview:

Q. Many congratulations on your new position – what appealed to you about the role?

A. “It’s a great opportunity to join AAG, one of the most proactive businesses in the automotive aftermarket. There is always something positive happening and for anyone joining, it is a great scope for career progression, so I’m thrilled to be part of the team.

“But more specifically, the opportunity with the acquisition of CAAR was appealing, as it strengthens AAG’s position in this sector, and it’s been great to be involved from day one assisting members and setting out the strategy.

“The CAAR group presents fabulous potential for development; full credit to the previous team at CAAR as they have done a superb job with the resources available to them. But now as part of the AAG family and the resources we have available, there is huge potential for development of the group and, consequently, CAAR and its members’ future security and growth. I believe it’s exciting times for all parties involved.”

Q. Having worked for GAU between 2006 and 2013, does it feel like you’ve ‘come home’?

A. “No, not really! Whilst I’ve returned to our Bradford office and the outside of the building is the same, that’s about it! Yes, there’s one or two familiar friendly faces I have worked with previously, but the difference in the business is almost incomprehensible. It’s on a hugely different scale! That’s not to say I don’t feel at home, because I certainly do. I’ve been in and around AAG in its various separate forms for over 25 years.

“At GAU I worked with many of the people in the aftermarket that AAG went on to acquire, so it’s really interesting and exciting to be a part of the consolidated team today.”

Keep your eyes peeled for part two of this interview with Nick Hood!

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