Sealey Tools reveals exclusive range of jacks

Sealey Tools reveals exclusive range of jacks

Discounts on Sealey’s exclusive range of jacks, all unique to Sealey Tools, can be found in the second edition of its Tool Promotion, which is valid until 30th June.

Sealey Tools reported that the 3290CX is both compact and lightweight, all steel, and professional. It is ideal for roadside or workshop use. It comes fitted with a safety overload valve and pump-through valve, to prevent the handle locking at maximum ram extension, whilst the heavy-duty castors and large saddle are designed for ease when being positioned under the vehicle.

The company said the 4040 range offers the largest lifting capacity of any standard chassis trolley jack currently available. The universal joint release mechanism allows a safer and more controlled lowering of the jack, whilst its Rocket Lift feature brings the lifting arm into contact with the jacking point with minimal pumps.

Sealey jacks

If it is a low entry model your customers crave, they can check out the limited edition 2001LE range with patriot decals. Sitting at just 73mm at the saddle point when lowered, Sealey said this is one of the lowest entry professional trolley jacks currently available. The heavy-duty steel chassis provides stability and endurance and comes fitted with an overload valve for added safety. Additionally, the hydraulic oil bypass system protects the ram from being overextended.

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