Mahle Aftermarket discusses its eCatalogue

Mahle Aftermarket discusses its eCatalogue

Mahle Aftermarket’s eCatalogue is now provided by TecAlliance and has undergone functionality updates to offer an even easier and faster parts search solution on a computer and mobile app. PMF reports.

Mahle’s eCatalogue provides users with a virtual platform to look up any part they require for a specific vehicle to ensure they order the right part. The easy-to-use eCatalogue has now been upgraded to include extra technical features to streamline the process. These include vehicle search, updated search and filter options, and search and selection history.

The online catalogue also has PDF article comparison documents and bulletin sheets, along with language-specific marketing banners. Once users are logged in, they will now be able to integrate into Mahle’s eCommerce platform.

The company has also updated its mobile app version of the eCatalogue to include new features such as simple and intuitive product search, part authenticity checker via QR code scan, extended contact/communication features, and easily accessible media content.

Jonathan Walker, Managing Director of Mahle Aftermarket, commented, “Our updated eCatalogue is now based on a proven TecAlliance solution, which enables us to offer users easier and quicker search functions. Mahle is committed to streamlining the process for technicians; the latest eCat solution helps to improve the search process, and provides helpful bulletin sheets and eCommerce integration.”

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