Nissens explains its training modules

Nissens explains its training modules

Nissens’ Michael Ingvardsen and Jan Zieleskiewicz shed some light on the company’s latest training modules and how these can help the aftermarket going forward.

Global aftermarket manufacturer Nissens recently released a couple of important knowledge sharing modules in its training programme. This time, the company shifted its focus to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in hybrid and electric cars, explaining the fundamentals and how AC service and repair should be conducted with direct examples from popular PHEV models.

The arrival of hybrid and electric cars in the aftermarket also means new systems and ways to repair them. And while one could expect that there would not be much difference between AC systems in regular vehicles and hybrid/electrical vehicles, there are some major differences that can make or break a successful repair or service of the system. Nissens has taken the responsibility to educate the aftermarket in these differences, and has released a couple of training modules focusing on the heat pump-based HVAC system.

Michael Ingvardsen, Training Manager at Nissens, explained, “We see an increased demand for training in the modern HVAC systems. The recent months have been extremely busy in terms of educating our customers in live and webinar-based training seminars. The countless courses that have been held in Europe and the US have given us a clear idea of what technicians need to become even better at understanding and servicing HVAC and heat pump systems in hybrid and electrical vehicles. The sum of what we’ve learned is what we now make available for everyone in the aftermarket. This sets a clear direction for our training content for the future. After last year’s successful launch of our heat pump fundamentals training, we now share two new self-learning courses: heat pump system fundamentals and an advanced service procedure.

Nissens training modules

Heat pumps in focus

For Nissens, it has been interesting to deep dive into the world of hybrid and electric hybrid systems, and heat pumps especially are now receiving extra focus.

“Looking into the future of ‘New Energy Vehicles’, we can see that heat pump technology plays a significant role for the HVAC systems,” continued Michael. “Due to the vast number of benefits it offers, it will not be long before it dominates the new energy vehicle applications. What we aim to do is to prepare technicians for the change and make them ready for an efficient and profitable service of these cars. As usual, in our knowledge sharing, we take a holistic approach. The various course levels address all audience needs, from beginners to advanced technicians. Furthermore, as the hallmark of our training concept, we explain the advanced matters in a visually attractive and easy-to-capture way, as well as making the knowledge available through various formats, including online self-learning modules.”

Feeling obliged

Nissens currently offers all of its training for free via its online portal: click here. If your customers want to sign up and start learning, they only need to request access links or coupons from you. And as the training is free, it is not money that is driving the ambition of the company, rather the obligation to support the aftermarket in being profitable on all levels, as Marketing Manager at Nissens Jan Zieleskiewicz attested to: “As an acknowledged premium spare parts supplier, we are committed to delivering high-quality products and services for all levels of the aftermarket. We create our technical marketing and learning programme to serve both our direct customers – the factors – and the technicians and garages that work with the system, servicing and fitting components. Our latest Heat Pump Fundamentals and Prius PHEV Flushing courses are valuable for several reasons. They provide advanced knowledge in an easily digestible manner, delivered in top-notch quality from contents to visuals. Additionally, the Heat Pump flushing training module is fully video-based. It contains a bunch of tips and elaborate documentation on the approach to the repair, so technicians can be ready when advanced, heat pump-equipped cars start hitting their workshop.

Nissens training modules

These productions reflect our ambition to bring aftermarket training to another level and to support the independent sector, making garages competitive and ready for the future, where the repairs are becoming increasingly complex.”

Nissens offers education in various forms, from live and webinar-based sessions, to self-learning courses, and as technical marketing material in print and digital. For more information about Nissens’ Training Concept, click here

For more information on Nissens, click here.

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