Exceeding expectations

Exceeding expectations

Following a brand review at the beginning of the year, BM Catalysts launched a new campaign that was officially exhibited at Automechanika Birmingham in June.

The campaign focuses on the importance of quality, something BM Catalysts holds as one of its core values. The company has also adopted a new strapline which reflects the importance of this value: “Those who know quality, know BM”.

Quality has always been a topic of discussion in the aftermarket, from materials and cataloguing, to legislative requirements and customer support. BM Catalysts says its dedication to exceeding the aftermarket’s expectations is not only focused on the quality of its products, but reflected in every aspect of its business.

From its two hi-tech manufacturing facilities, BM Catalysts is able to facilitate product development and precision engineering. Earlier this year, the company announced a significant investment in new machinery as well as opening an additional 20,000ft2 warehouse to accommodate for increased demand. In 2019 alone, BM Catalysts has already released 88 new parts, meaning its range now covers an additional 2.5 million vehicles across the UK car parc.

With such wide availability and over 50,000 parts kept in stock at all times, customers can be assured that products will be dispatched quickly and efficiently. On rare occasions where items are not in stock, BM Catalysts build to order on the same day the order is received. In addition to this, the company’s range has been purposely developed to allow partners to reduce its stock holdings by up to 30%, whilst actually improving car parc coverage.

BM campaign

However, what really sets BM Catalysts apart is its continual investment in the latest machinery and manufacturing processes. Over 90% of all components used are manufactured in-house, allowing for the highest levels of quality control at all levels. These processes include the use of CNC technology to refine design, allowing for quick production of large batches of components whilst guaranteeing accurate repeatability. This includes manufacturing its own lambda sensor ports, which are 14% thicker than those from other suppliers. Producing these in-house significantly helps reduce the defect rate during the welding process. Laser-mapping equipment is also used to replicate parts to fit vehicles exactly, ensuring an OE-standard fit. These advanced techniques help ensure everything from sub-components to finished products are designed to the highest possible quality and fit.

These processes also allow customers to benefit from both precise automated production, as well as the BM Catalyst team’s quality-focused approach to final assembly. All parts are rigorously checked and tested to exceed quality and performance standards, and all homologated catalysts and DPFs are tested in accordance with the latest regulations.

Mark Blinston, Commercial Director, comments, “Quality is hugely important to us for so many different reasons. Our partners and their customers have increasingly high expectations over the quality of emissions products, so it’s important that we don’t just follow the pack in adopting an ‘it will do’ attitude and that we continue to exceed the expectations of the market. The level of investment we have made and continue to make in quality is enabling us to improve processes and techniques on an ongoing basis to embed the value of quality even further”.

For more information, visit www.rdr.link/FH004

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