Esprit Windscreen Repair Equipment gives sales tips

Esprit Windscreen Repair Equipment gives sales tips

Previously, Esprit showed you how windscreen repair can work for your customers, but how do they sell it to their customers?

If a vehicle comes in for an MOT, a service or another repair, they should take a look at the screen – any chips or breaks? Repairing sooner is always better. Firstly, depending on the size and where chip or crack is on the windscreen, the car may not pass its MOT, and secondly, the break can turn into a large crack, normally necessitating a costly windscreen replacement. Workshop technicians should ensure that their customer understands the MOT regulations.

Customers don’t need to claim on their insurance either and possibly lose a no claims bonus. The cost benefits to the customer of repairing rather than replacing are easy to see.

What’s more, repairs only take between 20 and 30 minutes, so they can be carried out as part of the service or MOT.

If your workshops charge around £25 for a repair, most customers who are having a service, MOT or other repairs to their car will agree that this is a sensible way of preventing the need for a windscreen replacement.

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