Wheel Bearing Kits

Wheel Bearing Kits

FAI Auto Parts has launched a range of wheel bearing kits, comprising over 200 hand-picked references; covering 85% vehicle parc for popular European and Asian manufacturers.

Customers can easily find the correct bearing for one of the 25,000 application variants that the range covers by accessing listings on the major electronic cataloguing systems; including MAM, TecAlliance and the FAI online catalogue.

The FAI range covers all three generations of bearing, all of which incorporate sensors and pick-up markings for ABS where needed. The first generation, which is often referred to as cartridge-style, is mainly used on smaller, front wheel drive cars. As technology advanced, the second and third generations were created, with both using a double row angular bearing design and the third generation featuring an integrated flange; producing a more compact unit.

All components are constructed of carbon chromium steel and nylon 66 with fibre glass, and are finished with high performance lubricants to ensure a long-lasting repair. Each design is rigorously inspected using the latest corrosion accelerant machinery and tensile testing to ensure load capabilities that well exceed that of real-world demands. All parts are now in stock and available for purchase.

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