Sealey showcases AK7500 wheel alignment tool

Sealey showcases AK7500 wheel alignment tool

Patent-pending, Sealey’s AK7500 wheel alignment tool is designed, with ease, to lift road wheels and locate them onto the vehicle hub.

The tool relieves the strain of traditional wheel changing methods, and “significantly reduces” lifting effort and improves body posture; therefore, this simple-to-use device speeds up wheel fitting and provides health and safety benefits.

The alignment tool is manufactured from stainless steel, can be used on alloy or steel wheels up to 35kg and is backed-up by Sealey’s lifetime guarantee. Supplied with four CNC machined stainless steel adaptor pegs, this tool is suitable for most cars, light goods vehicles, motor homes and caravans.

Sealey reports that “with its precision engineering and a seamless process, changing a wheel is no longer a heavy, awkward and time-consuming job”.

Sealey alignment tool

How does it work?

  • Select the required mounting peg
  • Insert the lever through the uppermost hole in the wheel and engage with the mounting peg
  • As the lever is raised, slide the wheel into position, keep one hand on the wheel and withdraw the lever
  • Fit two of the wheel nuts finger tight, remove the mounting peg and then re-fit all wheel nuts following the vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines

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