Apec launches line of coil springs

Apec launches line of coil springs

Following the recent launch of steering & suspension components, Apec has announced the launch of a new line of coil springs.

More recently, the Apec brand has turned its expertise to a wider range of automotive products, expanding its catalogue to meet market demand.

The range consists of over 830 SKUs at launch, equating to a 92.5% coverage of the UK car parc. With rigorous testing, an IATF and ISO accredited factory, the range is further supported by Apec’s three-year, 36,000-mile guarantee.

“There is a certain standard of quality people expect from Apec products,” said the company’s Product Manager, Barry Luff.

“When you take our commitment to that quality into account, we’re excited for what the future will bring, and this latest launch reflects our vision to develop the range.”

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