Schaeffler updates employment strategy

Schaeffler updates employment strategy

Schaeffler UK has announced it will be utilising a hiring recruitment strategy, which has been designed to help the company source the best industry talent.

Delivered by Glen Callum Associates (GCA), the service is designed to source candidates and deliver engaging bite-sized video interviews and accurate candidate testing.

This reportedly results in hiring decisions being formed from factual based information through an informative process and not solely on interview performance.

The recruitment specialist is working to support companies with their recruitment strategy, as part of a wider plan to help businesses emerge from the pandemic in the best shape possible.

Glen Callum Director, Glen Shepherd, said: “People are what will help the UK aftermarket move forward in a post-COVID-19 world, and we look forward to working closely with the Schaeffler team to help them invest in the right people for the future growth of the company.

“Even if companies aren’t recruiting at present, companies need to ensure they implement a proven and successful strategy to futureproof their business and provide proactive solutions when needed.”

The GCA team tailors up to five “key questions” relevant to the role, company, industry and required experience, this is then reviewed alongside a candidate’s CV.

This will allow Schaeffler to gain an initial impression of the candidate, viewing their response to specific questions.

At final interview stage, GCA provides a free professional psychometric profiling and testing service for up to two final interview stage candidates, an approach reportedly employed by nearly all Fortune 500 companies.

Using their external and impartial business psychologist, the tests are then independently assessed to include a detailed insight into candidate behavioural attitudes, motivations, energies and drive. In addition to aiding hiring decisions, this information is also said to be useful in adopting management styles and developing future training needs if the candidate is offered employment.

Mark Dolloway, Sales Director at Schaeffler, commented: “Glen Callum Associates excels because of its specialism in many sectors. This expertise and reach into other industries means we are able to utilise one recruitment company to make appointments in all areas of our business, and GCA fully understands our requirements, taking the hassle out of the entire process.

“The company is also incredibly forward-thinking and recognises the importance of ensuring candidates and employers feel completely at ease. GCA’s new video interviewing platforms and third-party profiling really enable a ‘head-start’ when an appointment is made, as both current and future training and development requirements are identified very early on.”

Mark concluded: “Overall, we are delighted with the dedication GCA has and they play a crucial role in the development of our business.”

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