Schaeffler discusses steering & suspension

Schaeffler discusses steering & suspension

Schaeffler outlines why technicians should be fitting steering & suspension components which are OE replacement parts and highlights the benefits.

“The first question that technicians working on a vehicle’s steering & suspension components should ask, is whether the replacement parts they’re going to fit are of original equipment (OE) quality,” says Schaeffler’s Technical Manager, Alistair Mason.

“Let’s be frank, these are safety critical components and if something fails the consequences can be horrendous. So, why compromise and just fit the cheapest in order to price match another garage, when it could be someone’s wife or child that’s put at such an unnecessary risk?

“Although the parts might cost a little more, we always recommend workshops choose and fit an OE quality replacement on whatever area of the car they’re working on, but steering & suspension components in particular provide them with the ideal opportunity to speak to their customers and point out the safety benefits offered by the FAG range.

Schaeffler discusses steering & suspension

“Cheap parts are cheap for a reason, and it won’t just be their quality that will be compromised, it’ll be how they fit and what ancillary parts come, or most likely don’t come, with them. This just adds to the risk factor from the workshops’ perspective, as they could potentially take longer to fit and need additional parts not supplied, which means they also won’t be as cheap as they thought.

“By opting for FAG these risks are averted and both customer and workshop can be confident of the repair. The assurance of an all-inclusive solution including all ancillary parts, along with the additional technical benefits provided by REPXPERT and Schaeffler’s unrivalled level of customer service and support, makes FAG the ‘go-to’ brand for steering & suspension components.”

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