Niterra UK backs NGK diesel ignition products

Niterra UK backs NGK diesel ignition products

Navigating the intricacies of seasonal demand in the automotive industry, particularly during winter, can be a formidable challenge. Niterra UK emphasises the critical role of quality diesel ignition products, like glow plugs and ignition coils, especially with sub-zero temperatures affecting over 17.3 million diesel cars in the UK.

The ability to hold the right stock at the right time is vital – and never more tough than during the winter months when the cold weather can cause a surge in workshop demand that might not have much advance notice.

With our changeable weather in different parts of the country even, you also have to navigate there being high demand in some areas but not others, making projecting trends and supply difficult.

One product area where this is particularly true is for diesel ignition products, according to Niterra UK, where component performance can be tested – and fail – with the advent of sub-zero temperatures. There are more than 17.3 million diesel cars on the UK’s roads facing this exact challenge, so it is crucial that you provide trade customers with accurate application coverage and technology needed to take advantage of the seasonal service opportunities, such as glow plugs and ignition coils.

Niterra UK advised to not compromise when it comes to stocking quality ignition solutions, even when navigating seasonal peaks. Choosing a component on lowest price alone rather than performance often means a greater possibility of premature failure, poor vehicle running, and an increase in returning faults leading to disgruntled repairers, the supplier claimed.

Niterra diesel ignition

NGK glow plugs meet cold weather conditions “head on” while boasting more than 70% market coverage, renowned for their cold start performance and efficiency optimisation. NGK ignition coils also feature the “very best” quality production methods, selection of premium materials, strict quality processes to ensure long life.

As an OEM supplier to many VMs, Niterra UK is confident its NGK products have a strong reputation, with the OE fitment benefiting end-users, and you can leverage this technology for your aftermarket customers.

Niterra diesel ignition

Niterra UK Marketing Manager, Becca Knight, said: “We work closely with our distributors, so they have the correct stock levels geared to UK car parc and the flexibility required to deal with the increase in seasonal demand.

“The factors who will serve their customers the best this winter season are the ones who can combine the right technologies with responsiveness, and the coverage from our NGK portfolio will allow motor factors to maximise those revenue opportunities.

“Many part numbers are brought into the aftermarket from the OE side of our business, meaning factors have the highest quality aftermarket solution for popular applications. Vehicle owners can be confident that their engines are fitted with components which meet or exceed VMs’ specifications, and the resulting customer satisfaction is good news for the garages that fit the parts and the distributors who supply them.”

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