Klarius outlines its cost-effective exhaust repair parts

Klarius outlines its cost-effective exhaust repair parts

As well as stocking a large range of aftermarket exhausts, Klarius also provides standalone flexi-pipes, pipe sections and mountings to support quick repairs. This means that you can further support workshop technicians in offering targeted, cost-saving repairs for motorists, backed by Klarius knowhow and quality.

It’s no secret that many people are running on a tight budget these days, and that also applies to vehicle maintenance. Exposed to temperamental road conditions all year-round, exhausts (even well-built ones) eventually fail. Typically, a full system replacement can cost vehicle owners northward of a couple of hundred pounds. However, if the damage is localised to the mountings or a pipe section, Klarius has a solution.

Quality repairs well within budget

Klarius offers you access to specialised repair products for over 11,000 exhaust references, covering the vast majority of vehicles on European roads. It provides you with the opportunity to upsell. With more repair options available, specific parts can be ordered dependent on the condition of the exhaust, improving sales while keeping customers happy.

Klarius Sales Director, James Ellison, said: “When it comes to effective and speedy repairs, we think it’s important to support our customers with increased exhaust repair options.

Klarius exhaust repair parts

“While we would always recommend that major exhaust failures will require a full replacement, for cases where damage is repairable, this isn’t the right approach. Consequently, stockists and distributors can order a full range of replacement Klarius pipes and mountings for next-day delivery, helping garages to offer motorists a quick, quality and cost-effective solution that improves customer satisfaction.”

When repairs beat replacements

Pipes and mountings are two of the most common failure points on exhausts. Pipes can be subjected to damage from impacts or corrosion. Flexi-pipes, which help accommodate movements in the system, can fail under mechanical stress. Mountings can perish or corrode as they age, which can result in grimace-inducing clunks at best and the exhaust falling off at worst. All these problems are often solvable by replacing the specific components rather than fitting a completely new exhaust.

Klarius exhaust repair parts

Klarius claimed that having ready-made parts for service workshops means that these exhaust repairs can be completed quickly and to a high-quality standard. Vehicle owners will be happy with the fast and cost-effective repair, while on the other hand, technicians will be pleased to free up some space on the ramp ahead of time and move onto the next job.

Factoring in distributors

It increases options for you too! Pipes and mountings take up much less space than a full exhaust system, so can be easily stored in local inventory. When receiving a call from a workshop customer, Klarius stated that you can react quicker to specific repairs, offering a more tailored solution. For example, if a pipe repair is needed but the exhaust mountings are looking perished, both parts can be easily replaced together as preventative maintenance. Consequently, a more serious exhaust failure can be avoided in future.

Klarius exhaust repair parts

James added: “By having a short conversation about what a technician is facing up on the ramp, motor factors now have the opportunity for a more tailored approach. As well as providing a chance to upsell, it also means an improved exhaust repair service at all levels.”

A quick fix with quality

To ensure that its repair solutions offer a quality and accurate fit, every product in the Klarius range is tested in-house on real-world vehicles of correct make, model and production year. Consequently, a ‘fit first time’ guarantee and two-year warranty are standard across the range. All applicable parts are fully type-approved too, with Klarius promising that its products match or exceed OEM performance levels.

Next-morning delivery is available across the UK, ensuring that even the most urgent exhaust repair can be supported.

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