INside Schaeffler: Jo Loughman

INside Schaeffler: Jo Loughman

First-up in the new ‘INside Schaeffler’ series is Jo Loughman, a long-time member of staff and the current customer service and deputy operations manager. The idea behind the concept is for both customers and workshops to get to know the people behind the scenes.

Jo Loughman, who has been part of the Schaeffler family since 2001, is a self-confessed fitness fanatic – crossfit, spinning, running, canicross, swimming, jet skiing, cycling, swimming among her sporting hobbies – and aspires to see Mount Everest.

A music lover and sun-worshiper, Jo believes integrity and honesty are two of her best qualities, which don’t just come in handy in her personal life but with her Schaeffler hat on too.

Q. What does your role at work mean to you?

A. “Having started in the warehouse 22 years ago, I’m now one step away from running the site operationally. So, my job, apart from my family, is my biggest achievement – like my friendships, I am all in and fully invested.”

Q. What does your job consist of?

A. “My role has significantly changed over the years. Apart from the key account work and supporting my customer service team, a lot of my time now is dedicated to finding and improving efficiencies to keep Schaeffler current with the customer base.”

Q. Tell us something that you think your customers could benefit from knowing

A. “The customer service team is not a big call centre; we are six ladies servicing over 1,200 accounts and taking an average of 4,500 calls a month – and we are awesome at what we do! “I also run my own business outside of Schaeffler called Fullcycle Studio. We are a spin studio and we have been running for 10 years. We currently have 29 bikes, and my husband and I are the instructors.”

Q. What technical or product advice may help customers that they may not yet be aware of?

A. “Schaeffler are not the OEM on all clutch applications; therefore, we have to complete our range with other OE suppliers so don’t be alarmed when opening the box if it does not say LuK! You can be assured they are all OE quality.”

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