How does vehicle SCR technology work?

How does vehicle SCR technology work?

BM Catalysts, a manufacturer of aftermarket hot-end emissions products, has launched a new animated video – ‘how does vehicle selective catalyst reduction (SCR) technology work?’ – as it supports customers venturing into this growing market.

The SCR range, which was introduced in 2022 with, initially, five references, has rapidly become a key element of BM Catalysts’ product portfolio, with the company now offering 12 references covering 172 different vehicle fitments, all available with associated pressure pipes and fitting kits.

The SCR video is the latest in a series of animations by BM Catalysts, following previous videos on catalytic converters and DPFs. The manufacturer has revealed the videos have proven popular with customers, collectively amassing over 238,000 views to date and serving as valuable resources for understanding complex technologies.

BM Catalysts Marketing Manager, Holly Brailsford, emphasised the importance of these resources: “It’s clear that video is increasingly becoming the go-to format for delivering educational content, and it’s important to us that we’re servicing the market in a way that resonates.

“We invest considerable time and resource into producing these videos, as well as our other technical content, in a bid to help both factors and garages navigate the increasingly complex world of emissions control technologies.”


SCR technology, vital in reducing harmful emissions in diesel engines, works with diesel exhaust fluids, such as AdBlue, to significantly reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. The popularity and necessity of SCRs in modern Euro 6 vehicles are expected to drive further growth in this market segment, according to BM Catalysts.

As well as providing education and support via video, BM Catalysts also offers downloadable technical posters and other guidance through its website.

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