Carwood explores benefits of remanufactured parts

Carwood explores benefits of remanufactured parts

With the cost of living and climate crisis high on everyone’s agenda, there’s never been a better time to buy remanufactured parts, according to Carwood. Here, Carwood Deputy Managing Director, Simon Quantrell, explains what’s driving the demand, and how the brand’s OE-approved sustainable solutions offer a genuine alternative to new:

In an effort to tackle global warming, consumers are readily adopting more sustainable behaviours. Indeed, in a recent UK report by Deloitte, more than 40% said they would choose brands that have environmentally sustainable practices and values. The automotive industry is no different.

At the same time, soaring inflation – the result of COVID-19, Brexit and war in Ukraine – is forcing increasingly cost-conscious consumers to cut back on spending. As such, around two-thirds of people believe car ownership is currently unaffordable. And, more worryingly for the aftermarket, are now choosing to delay essential vehicle maintenance and repairs.

As the climate and cost-of-living crisis deepens, creating a perfect storm for many industries, it’s easy to see why automotive businesses are adopting a cautious outlook for the future. But whilst there are challenging times ahead, it’s also an opportunity for forward-thinking companies, you included, to show that they’re willing and able to respond to changing market and customer needs – those that adapt now will be those that reap the rewards moving forward.

Remanufacturing: a solution to the climate and cost-of living crisis

One such opportunity is remanufactured product. Not to be confused with repairing or reconditioning, remanufacturing – the process of returning a used product to a like-new, or even better than new condition – is both better for the planet and the enduser’s wallet. Addressing two critical and very topical issues head-on.

Carwood remanufactured

So, if you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to introduce a reman parts programme from an OE-approved supplier, like Carwood.

With more than 50 years’ expertise in the automotive, defence and motorsport industries, we supply a wide-ranging programme, including OE-approved fuel pumps and injectors, turbochargers, DPF cleaning, engines, hydraulics, starters and other coil wound electrical components to companies across the globe. Amongst our customers are the world’s top vehicle and engine manufacturers, the Ministry of Defence, independent and factory-owned race teams, and of course, the aftermarket.

Whilst the fundamentals of remanufacturing may not have changed much since we started out – parts are inspected, cleaned, rebuilt, calibrated and tested – the level at which this is done, and the know-how and equipment needed to do it to OE-standards has.

Carwood remanufactured

Take injector testing as an example; whereas injection systems previously ran at idle mode, full speed, and one or two other operating points, today’s Euro 6 equivalents use variable injection timings and volumes and can perform multiple injections during a single combustion cycle.

Because of this, our factory-trained technicians have to perform up to 700 test steps, using the latest OE test plans and equipment, just to calibrate the injector. This is a critical step, which allows the ECU to adjust fuel delivery and optimise engine performance when the injector is installed back into the vehicle.

Proven OE-quality at an affordable price

It’s through this meticulous, OE-driven approach, that we can offer a same-as, or even better-than-new product, with warranties to match. Yet because we reuse core, it’s a fraction of the cost, meaning you can offer your customers a cost-effective alternative to new, without compromising on the quality of the product.

Better for the environment too

But that’s not the only benefit: in retaining both the material and value added – labour, energy and processes – from the original product, remanufacturing also offers a number of significant advantages for the environment.

Carwood remanufactured

By reusing the core, remanufacturing can save up to 70% of the resources versus new. And because much of the material already exists in its final form, and, therefore, only a fraction of the work is required to process it, it uses a lot less energy than new too – around 85% less – and creates less greenhouse gas emissions. Finally, by keeping material in use for longer, there is significantly less waste to dispose of, meaning less ends up in landfill.

By choosing a Carwood remanufactured pump, injector or turbocharger, you can offer your customers an environmental and cost-friendly product that’s as good as new, sometimes even better. At a time when consumers are keen to live sustainably, whilst also tightening their purse strings, this makes perfect business sense.

For more information about Carwood and its remanufactured parts, click here.

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