Autosupplies on Leisureways of Rotherham renovation

Autosupplies on Leisureways of Rotherham renovation

After a renovation of the Leisureways of Rotherham branch, David Clarke, Autosupplies Group’s managing director, took time out of his schedule to answer questions about the transformation.

Q. Hi David! Can you tell us about Leisureways and its transformation?

A. “Leisureways of Rotherham was acquired by Autosupplies Group in 2019. It has been turned into an automotive state-of the art superstore, to house growing ranges of leading aftermarket products and brands.

“Our most recent refurbishment delivers an increased stockholding capability, new retail area, office facilities and improved facilities for the 25 members of staff at Rotherham.

“Autosupplies Group has been gradually improving the premises since we took over in 2019, but due to increased retail and trade business, we took the decision to completely refurbish the entire building, which boasts an impressive selection of parts, paints, refinish products, tools and accessories.

“The total in-store transformation is now complete with further improvements being made externally including new signage.

“It has taken a lot of time and effort to get to where we are today, and the efforts of its branch manager, Tom Clarke, and the wider team have paid off. Retail sales have increased by more than 50% since the new store was unveiled. The majority of products in-store are now priced up, and we are also seeing an uplift in trade sales.

“Leisureways is part of the Autosupplies Group, which comprises Butlers Automotive of Barnsley and Autosupplies Chesterfield. We employ more than 200 staff and have over 100 vans, serving customers across Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.”

Q. Given Leisureways has been around for four decades, how important was it that the history and loyal customer base were respected during the renovation?

A. “With all our businesses, we take time to see how they develop organically under our ownership and then look at the opportunities to invest and make them better. The transformation of Leisureways has been substantial, and the investment underlines our commitment to both the Rotherham area and automotive industry.

“Leisureways used to be a sports brand and was originally opened by Sebastian Coe who lived in the area, so it was important for us to ensure the transition was as seamless as possible and respect the history of the brand name.

Autosupplies Leisureways of Rotherham 2

“Investment is key to our business at Rotherham. We’ve made investment in stock availability, new people, high-quality products and importantly, getting products to customers on time by adding additional vans to the fleet.

“Add to this competitive pricing and resolving issues in a professional manner, we were successful in ensuring customers were respected during the transition.

“We prioritise customer service by urgency. It’s also important we bring customers along with us on our journey and understand that the business as a whole will always go above and beyond.

“Key to everything we do on customer services is listening. We listen to customers and act on their recommendations. As a motor factor that employs more than 200 people, I visit customers on a regular basis and am fully invested in their success.

“Since acquiring Leisureways, we’ve doubled the number of staff, vans and stock availability, by fully responding to customer needs.

Autosupplies Leisureways of Rotherham 3

“Just recently, we’ve completely overhauled our new retail area to improve the customer experience.

“We have dedicated external salespeople visiting customers daily, keeping them updated on new products, company initiatives and overall customer service improvements.

“We have always maintained our expertise in the sector and have continued to invest in the latest products, brands and technology to service and support our expanding customer base.”

Q. How have customers responded to the changes?

A. “We’ve had a great response from customers to the changes, thanks to regular communication via regular newsletters and visits from our team. Customers can see what we’re doing and how it helps them, so both retail and trade have been very supportive.”

Part two of this interview will be available online soon!

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