Autosupplies Group reveals plans for 2024 and beyond

Autosupplies Group reveals plans for 2024 and beyond

Part two of PMF’s conversation with, David Clarke, Autosupplies Group’s managing director, sees us brought up-to-speed with other developments within the organisation, following the renovation of the Leisureways of Rotherham branch.

Q. How does Leisureways fit into the Autosupplies group?

A. “We have enjoyed considerable success over recent years, acquiring Butlers Automotive in 2017 and Leisureways in 2019 as part of our expansion plans across Yorkshire and the East Midlands to boost business, invest heavily in recruiting new staff, increase stock availability, infrastructure and logistics.

“Leisureways aligns perfectly with our portfolio to service customers in the area with the largest choice of brands and products and offering exceptional customer service.”

Q. What’s next on Autosupplies’ radar in 2024?

A. “For Leisureways, new van bays are being added, and the fleet will grow from 10 to 20 vans in the next 12 months. Office refurbishments are also beginning, underpinning our new approach to continuous development. Continuous investment while maintaining a core focus on availability and customer service is key.”

Q. How would you summarise life as a motor factor at present?

A. “Our three biggest challenges are recruitment, price increases and stock availability. The latter is probably less of an issue, as we have invested so heavily in putting in ranges across our three sites. Our pick rate is at least 9/10, which is market leading.

“Recruitment and training of motor factor staff is where we’re going to place a bigger emphasis next year and hopefully work closer with our trade association, IAAF, in training parts people. We have great teams across all three businesses, are one of the largest employers in the region and offer varied roles – we hope to share our expertise with other liked minded people in the aftermarket.”

Q. What trends/challenges are you observing at present?

A. “The entire aftermarket supply chain has faced challenges, including rising price of parts, utilities and people. We try and work with our customers to support them with passing on these increases to motorists.

“We now have two or three suppliers on a product group to ensure choice and availability is there, and we pride ourselves on our pick rate.

“With these changing requirements and evolving customer base, our future is all about our people, the team. We must ensure employees are fully trained and our recruitment process is the best it can be.

“We can’t hide from the electrification of vehicles and new powertrains entering the market; we invest heavily in our brands, products, staff and technology to ensure we are well-equipped to meet the needs of the future.”

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