ATEQ TPMS Tools and Anyline announce partnership

ATEQ TPMS Tools and Anyline announce partnership

The partnership between the two companies is designed to ‘propel the TPMS industry forward with state-of-the-art data capturing technology’. Anyline’s optical character recognition (OCR) tyre scanning technology is proven in the tyre retail sector in the US but is keen to make its mark in the UK.

Anyline’s OCR solutions are integrated into ATEQ’s TPMS tools, enabling technicians to instantly scan tyre DOT codes, as well as vehicle identification numbers (VIN) and license plates.

The automotive aftermarket industry has seen tremendous growth in technology over the past 10 years. Due to vehicle technology advancements, tool manufacturers have needed a faster, more accurate way to keep up with market demands, claimed ATEQ.

“We are very excited to join forces with Anyline to offer OCR scanning for tyre and vehicle data on our devices,” said ATEQ TPMS Tools Global TPMS Manager, Bruno Rousseau. “Anyline’s best-in-class mobile data capture technology helps us in our journey (in) bringing a complete tyre service solution to our top-of-the-line ATEQ VT67 TPMS service tool.

“ATEQ tools have always been designed to achieve the fastest TPMS jobs turnaround in the industry. We now want to extend this to other tyre services. We tested many OCR technologies for DOT, VIN and license plate recognition.

“Using the ATEQ VT67 built-in, highquality camera, and Anyline OCR technology, technicians will be able to comply with DOT registration with maximum accuracy and optimise multiple workflows to ensure the fastest turnaround speed on the market.”

ATEQ TPMS Tools Anyline partnership

The strategic partnership between ATEQ and Anyline was officially launched at the 2021 SEMA Show in Las Vegas in November.

Meet ATEQ TPMS Tools and Anyline

As a division of ATEQ Corp., ATEQ TPMS Tools was launched in 2009 as a small group of TPMS enthusiasts, eager to aid the growing market. Over the last decade, ATEQ TPMS Tools has grown and evolved into a fully-fledged global TPMS team.

Meanwhile, Anyline was founded in Vienna in 2013 and is a specialist in mobile data capture. The company enables any mobile device to process written characters and barcodes in real-time – even when offline. Anyline mobile data capture technology is CCPA/GDPR compliant, processing all data collected securely on the user’s device and removing any chance of data interference. These scanning solutions are trusted by national governments and the United Nations, as well as companies around the world.

For more information about ATEQ TPMS Tools, click here. For more information about Anyline, click here.

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