Ecobat Battery discusses frontline team training

Ecobat Battery discusses frontline team training

As a follow-up to the article where Ecobat Battery Training Manager, Christopher Jones, explained how the company was bolstering the knowledge of its frontline team, he is back and buoyant after it emerged the hard work had come to fruition:

The purpose of introducing our comprehensive branch training policy was to equip the Ecobat Battery team to help our immediate customers, the wholesalers, to increase their knowledge, and ultimately, sell more batteries – and I’m delighted to report that it’s working!

The market is changing at a faster rate than ever before, which is why training now plays such a big part of our business. By helping our customers, we not only cement our business relationships, but give them the confidence to look at sectors they would never have considered previously, for example.

Although it sometimes feels like we are being asked the same questions every day, especially regarding batteries or issues in start/stop vehicles, it’s actually a good thing, as it shows that workshops are now not turning work away, as they are confident that help is available. As a result, we have a lot of motor factors making contact and asking us questions, and it’s our sales teams that are most often the first point of contact, so training is also vital for them.

The aim was to put together an adaptable training package that can be used for a newcomer to the battery business, someone with mid-level understanding or even individuals with very good battery knowledge. It can, therefore, be split into three sections to cover the level required, as well as being suitable to be used as a refresher; however, the overriding priority that it is vital for them to learn, is the fundamental principles of how a battery works, which is covered in this training.

However, we’re not just using it internally as this example from Mark Allsopp, one of our business managers who looks after a tyre company called Tanvic Tyres, demonstrates. The company asked him for help regarding training for newcomers to the business, which was an ideal opportunity to use the package to provide the support they required.

Ecobat training

Mark sent them the presentation and then set a few questions to see how well they understood the information it contained. The training was very well received and the staff who participated got on well with their answers, prompting a member of the Tanvic operation team to respond.

This, and several other similar examples, have proved the importance of staff training and that going forward this will become a growing part of our business support.

In addition, as technology develops, there will be new product introductions that we ourselves will need to understand to know the part they’ll play in the sectors we are involved with; however, we are very lucky to deal with a wide range of manufacturers that are always happy to share information on these new opportunities.

One final thought: the first battery I changed was in a 1966 Morris 1000 Traveller, which took five minutes. Comparing that to recently spending 90 minutes helping a friend with a battery on a BMW M3 convertible, I was left pondering over just how much things have changed and how important it is to add the cost of fitting to the quotation for a replacement battery! The one thing it has proved, however, is that training is a fundamentally positive way forward.

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