Carwood explains its Bosch distribution deal

Carwood explains its Bosch distribution deal

Carwood Deputy Managing Director, Simon Quantrell, explains why the remanufacturer’s relationship with Bosch is a natural, long-term fit – for both the company and its customers:

There’s no doubt that sales of diesel and petrol-powered cars have suffered in the wake of the emissions scandal, growing consumer acceptance of their electric counterparts and looming regulatory changes. Yet they are, and will be, an important part of the powertrain mix for all but a few automakers for many years to come.

Indeed, by 2030, forecasts suggest that 80% of the UK vehicle parc will still be powered by some form of internal combustion engine (ICE), be it petrol, diesel or a hybrid combination. When you factor in the average age of a car on the road – currently 8.4 years – coupled with the fact that diesel registrations were at an all-time high not that long ago, it’s clear that there will still be a significant parc of ICE equipped vehicles, even when new legislation is introduced in 2030.

An important service opportunity

Of course, these vehicles will all require expert servicing for at least the next couple of decades, meaning that ICE will be an equally important part of the aftermarket mix for a long time too. It’s also why Carwood is continuing to invest in its evergrowing fuel systems business, most recently becoming a Bosch distributor for the UK and Ireland.


As an official distributor, we now stock and distribute a full programme of Bosch fuel pumps, injectors and spare parts for diesel and petrol vehicles, including Bosch new, Bosch eXchange and repair components.

Together with Carwood’s existing lineup of authorised solutions, diagnostic tools, test equipment and technical support, you can now access everything you need to service more than 23 million vehicles equipped with a Bosch injection system – over 60% of the UK parc – from just one supplier. This will save time, money and the inconvenience of ordering from multiple sources.

Offering more choice

Although remanufacturing will remain a core part of our business, the addition of a full Bosch line-up means that you will now have more choice – a choice of where to buy from and what to offer customers.


With Bosch new, eXchange and repair solutions, on top of Carwood’s own original equipment (OE) approved remanufactured range, you can offer a choice, tailored to your customer’s needs; for example, a new OE unit, a more cost and eco-friendly exchange unit, or the spare parts for a more economical repair. The latter the preferred option for older diesel vehicles, where maintenance costs are often disproportionately high compared to their value.

With OE parts, equipment and knowhow, you can now access everything you need to take advantage of an exciting service opportunity, direct from one company: Carwood.

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