AutoMM’s Connect+ Driver’s app bolsters efficiency

AutoMM’s Connect+ Driver’s app bolsters efficiency

Within the UK motor factor industry, any inefficiency in communication between motor factors and garages can’t be ignored, according to AutoMM’s Luke Bettles and Brian Higgins. The dynamic duo explain why AutoMM’s Connect+ Driver’s app is a “game-changing tool”.

AutoMM’s Connect+ has already removed your reliance on enquiries received via text, email and the biggest culprit: WhatsApp. These methods brought with them inefficiencies, a lack of transparency, and increased errors leading to lost sales. With the issues around product ordering resolved, AutoMM has now addressed workshops’ most notorious questions: “Has the van left yet?”, “Where are my parts?” and “I need to know how long my parts will be!”

Did you know that approximately 25% of a typical motor factor’s incoming call volume is related to garage customers checking on the whereabouts of parts and delivery vans? Depending on the factor size, this could mean between dozens and hundreds of calls, every day.

Introducing Connect+ Driver’s app

AutoMM’s Connect+ Driver’s app is a game-changing tool, designed to transform your despatch areas and provide efficient communication between you and your garage customers. Utilising the same factor-branded app that sits on your garage customers’ mobile phones, you can now provide customers with automatic notifications when a delivery van has left the branch, real-time delivery ETAs, push-notifications for increased customer engagement (replacing printed flyers), and enable van drivers to collect PODs, confirm warranty returns and more.

But the app doesn’t just help your sales team with more efficient ordering, better customer communication and far fewer “where are my parts” calls. It also transforms the despatch area’s ability to manage van runs. Connect+ now also provides:

Real-time run management: Using either their existing software or the driver’s app feature of Connect+, drivers can select a run that has been pre-prepared by despatch staff, select a run from MAM’s Driversboard or manually build a run themselves by selecting individual invoices. Connect+ streamlines this process, saving valuable time and reducing errors.

Dynamic ETA notifications: The Connect+ Driver’s app ensures that workshop customers are always in the loop. The moment a driver starts a run, all workshop customers on that run are sent an automatic notification to say the driver has left and an accurate ETA for their delivery. Automated notifications also update customers on the delivery status in between drops, complete with a map view and countdown to the driver’s arrival on the garage’s Connect+ app.

This not only reduces the influx of “where is my delivery?” calls but also allows workshops to better plan their day and assign ramps more efficiently.

Proof of delivery and payment collection: With the app’s built-in proof-of- delivery feature, drivers can easily collect signatures and record any payments received, whether it be cash, cheque, or card, providing a smooth and transparent transaction process for all parties involved. All collected data taken by the driver is instantly available in the workshop’s Connect+ app.

Warranties and returns: Often overlooked but equally important is the management of warranty and return parts handed over to the driver who is delivering orders. Many returned parts have been known to go missing after being thrown onto a van during a delivery drop. Time passes by and the part’s collection may be forgotten about – and when it comes to the workshop asking about its credit – nobody seems to remember exactly when or what was collected! The Driver’s app includes a feature allowing drivers to document any such items, streamlining the returns process and avoiding potential disputes later on. These returns can be viewed by the customer in their Connect+ app.

Enhanced delivery recording: To further ensure transparency and accountability, the Connect+ Driver’s app allows drivers to take photos of the delivered items, which is particularly useful when an item needs to be left in a secure location or if there is nobody at the workshop to receive and sign for it.

AutoMM's Connect+ Driver’s app bolsters efficiency 2

Don’t forget Connect+ Delivery Desk

The despatch area of any motor factor is the lynchpin of logistics, where precision, timeliness, and efficiency are essential dynamics for success. The Connect+ Delivery Desk feature provides a control panel with a large map screen that can have an instant impact on the dynamics and success of a busy despatch area. The despatch controller can see in real-time exactly where all the vans are, what drops have been made and what are still outstanding, as well as the PODs, warranty returns or cash payments that have been collected. The system’s useful features include:

Real-time fleet monitoring: The large map screen doesn’t just show where your vans are; it shows how far they are into their respective runs with intuitive progress bars. This gives a clear picture of the entire fleet’s operations in real-time.

Estimated return-to-base times: One of the major pain points in despatch operations is the uncertainty around when a van will return to base. The large map screen offers a tangible solution by displaying the estimated return-to-base times for each van. This is a game changer for planning and resetting for the next set of deliveries, ensuring minimal idle time. It also aids in effective workforce management, as staffing levels can be adjusted according to real return times, minimising potential overtime costs.

Seamless data access: The seamless integration of data collected by the Vision Driver’s app into the large map screen means that all essential information, such as proof of delivery, payment records, and any recorded details about warranty or unwanted parts are instantly available to the despatch team – reducing paperwork and minimising errors.

At-a-glance status and ETAs: The platform’s interface allows for just a quick glance to understand the status of each drop, whether it’s pending, undeliverable, or complete. This makes it far easier to manage customer expectations and take corrective action if there are delays. Moreover, the ETA for each drop is clearly indicated, enabling better coordination with garages and enhancing customer satisfaction.

On-board inventory: Knowing exactly what parts are on each van can be critical, especially when managing urgent or last-minute orders. The system allows the despatch team to know precisely what parts are on board every van on the road, providing an opportunity to make real-time decisions that can positively impact service levels.

Automatic manifest on completion: As soon as a driver completes their run, a detailed manifest is emailed as a PDF to any relevant parties. The manifest includes run start time and location and then details every step of the delivery driver’s journey. This provides all locations visited, all parts delivered, time taken between all drops and for the run in total.

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Delivery Desk’s large map screen and unique set of features doesn’t just make life easier for the despatch team; they revolutionise the entire logistics arm of a motor factor’s operations. It’s about achieving a new level of transparency, control, and efficiency. This results in a more organised, more transparent, and most importantly, more effective despatch area.

By addressing these core components, the Vision Driver’s app, along with Delivery Desk, bolsters the efficiency of the entire delivery process, reduces the burden on customer service lines, and allows you to focus on what you do best: providing customers with the quality automotive parts they need at the time they need them most.

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