Autoelectro launches WhatsApp part identification tool

Autoelectro launches WhatsApp part identification tool

Autoelectro is encouraging motor factors to take advantage of a simple but effective tool if they are struggling to identify an alternator or starter motor – by sending images of the parts to the rotating electrics specialist on WhatsApp!

On receipt of the images, one of Autoelectro’s experts will be able to help by identifying the part in question, as well as answer any queries the motor factor professional may have. If the customer doesn’t have WhatsApp or would prefer to use an alternative method, they can send the images by text message or by e-mailing

How does it work?

  1. Autoelectro advises the user to take a minimum of three photographs; the images need to be taken square-on and include front, side and back of the alternator or starter motor
  2. Then the individual composes a WhatsApp message that includes business and contact name, and information related to the part, such as original equipment number, application detail or engine manufacturer, if known
  3. Send the message and images to +44 7972 804336
  4. One of Autoelectro’s experts will give that person a call within 30 minutes of receipt

The leaflets are free to download from the Autoelectro website, but the factor must be a website account holder and logged in to do so. Registering is quick, easy and free!

Why has Autoelectro produced these leaflets?

Part number identification can be a tough and time-consuming task for motor factors, due to the quantity of references available but also because of the number of obscure parts that they might have to track down – perhaps a Triumph Herald or a Corvette C7, or maybe something off-highway, like a tractor, boat or excavator.

With an “excellent track record” in handling requests from distributors, generated by a 36-year database and a wealth of experience, Autoelectro says it is a product specialist in this sector; therefore, it is well equipped to ensure a motor factor receives the information it needs and quickly.

Autoelectro believes this solution will increase factors’ confidence and knowledge when trying to convert enquiries into a sale, thus leaving their customers with a feeling of professionalism and an experience where they know their distributor is an expert in the rotating electrics category.

Autoelectro UK Sales Manager, Nick Hood, who has started to communicate this initiative to motor factors in the field, has received encouraging early feedback.

He added: “This is another illustration of how Autoelectro is using its pedigree to the advantage of the motor factor. We hope our customers will download and pin up these posters inside their branch, as it will strengthen confidence and communication between themselves and their customer.”

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