Battery Manager

Battery Manager

The Doctor Charge 50 is an electronic battery manager said to provide total maintenance of WET, GEL, AGM, MF, SPIRAL, and Start-Stop batteries at 6/12/24V and for support activities when working on vehicles in workshops and repair shops.

In comparison to traditional battery chargers, the Power Stream technology used in the battery manager is claimed to guarantee up to 50% better performance and the Pulse Tronic technology provides optimal battery charging over eight phases.

The Doctor Charge 50 carries out a variety of different functions. It can both charge and offer battery support function with Pulse Tronic technology, even in difficult environmental conditions. Battery tests such as voltage at terminals can also be carried out.

The Telwin range offers two models, the Doctor Charge 50 & the Doctor Charge 130. The multi voltage devices offer a range of functions which the company claims makes them much more than a battery charger.

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