The 2019 Product Showcase

The 2019 Product Showcase

PMF guides you through some of the latest innovations to hit the market.


The BLADES range of exact-fit twin packs simplifies wiper blade replacement and reduces packaging waste by offering quality, direct OE replacements for both the driver and passenger-side windscreen wiper blades in a single, convenient pack.

The ever-developing twin-pack range currently contains 26 references which cover 130 of the most popular vehicle applications on the road. Each twin pack features concise fitting instructions as well as guidelines on how consumers can prolong the lifespan of wiper blades in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

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As a vehicle travels down the road, the sheet metal or fibreglass panels resonate, and as speed increases, the panels create more noise, making the driving experience stressful and uncomfortable. Car manufacturers often use ineffective materials to address the issue. Dynamat claims that its products deliver a more comfortable environment for drivers.

Dynamat Xtreme is a constrained-layer damping material consisting of a thin, odourless, super sticky butyl rubber bonded to an aluminium skin. The product’s purpose is to reduce unwanted noise and vibration through a process known as damping. Damping is the action of converting these vibratory motions by dissipating their energy.

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In the first half of 2019, BM Catalysts added 88 parts to its range. Around 20% of these were Euro 6 references.

Some of the latest range additions include the following catalytic converters and connecting pipes:

  • BM92154H petrol catalytic converter: Nissan Micro and Note
  • BM92285H petrol catalytic converter: Audi A1, Seat Ibiza, Seat Toledo, Skoda Fabia, Skoda Rapid and Volkswagen Polo
  • BM50761 connecting pipe: Vauxhall Astra, Zafira and Cascada
  • BM50598 connecting pipe: Ford Mondeo

BM Catalysts’ range now covers 2.5 million more vehicles across the UK car parc than it did six months ago.

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DPF Recovery is reflecting on a rewarding three days at Automechanika 2019, where the company displayed its new Evolution Flash Cleaner. Existing customers, new prospects and industry stakeholders were quick to praise the new kit. The new Evolution Flash Cleaner is modelled on the same technology as its larger stablemate, but in a more compact footprint. It is ideal for smaller workshops and garages.

Richard Quantrell, Managing Director of DPF Recovery, discusses the benefits of the company’s new offering: “We’ve designed these machines to clean in a much more effective way. Instead of putting fluid and air through the DPF to clean it, we submerge the DPF in the fluid and pulse air through instead. The key benefit for vehicle owners is that our exclusive fluid has been designed to eradicate AdBlue, which delivers a more thorough, effective and long-lasting result. As far as we know, we are the only supplier with the technology to do this.’’

DPF Recovery showcased the original Flash Cleaner machine on its stand, but also introduced the new Evolution machine, which is specifically designed around a smaller footprint, making it ideal for garages and workshops that want to offer in-house DPF cleaning services.

Richard explains further: “Our equipment offers a fully automated process so that once the DPF is loaded into the cleaner, the garage owner can carry on with other work as the machine cycles through the cleaning procedure. The machine provides a beforeand- after back pressure, creating a printout of the test results as evidence for the customer. In addition, it also fully dries the DPF so it is ready to fit back into the vehicle straight away. On average, the whole process takes about an hour, but the operator intervention is about 10 minutes, creating an efficient and profitable opportunity for garage owners.’’

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The central focus of ECOBAT Battery Technologies’ (EBT) presence at this year’s Automechanika Birmingham was the launch of its ONE BOX start/stop battery replacement solution.

Having correctly identified that many workshops were wary of taking on battery replacement work for vehicles equipped with a start/stop function, EBT, formerly Manbat, brought together the four tools necessary to undertake the work and that make up the ONE BOX package.

Laura Jones, EBT’s Marketing Manager, commented, “The purpose behind the ONE BOX concept was to provide a straightforward solution which allows the independent to take on the work with confidence and compete with the franchised dealer.”

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Draper Tools has released its new Storm Force 10.8V Power Interchange series of tools. The interchangeable battery system conveniently powers every tool in the range. Bestsellers include the new Storm Force 10.8V Mini Polisher, which comes with an 80mm flat buffing sponge and 110mm polishing pad. The new, Force 10.8V Rotary Multi-Tool Kit is also proving to be popular with customers. This handy tool features six speeds and comes supplied with a comprehensive kit of 50 accessories in a sturdy plastic box, as well as a battery and a charger.

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To meet the demand for constant power supply during vehicle diagnostic work, GYS has launched its most powerful and technologically advanced Battery Support Unit to date. The GYSFLASH range has outputs of 30A, 50A and 100A. The latest edition to the range, the GYSFLASH 121.12 CNT FV, has a powerful 120A output, and can be used in one of four operating modes – diagnostics, charging, showroom and tester.

The GYSFLASH 121.12 CNT FV comes with the latest CONNECTED technology, which is useful for users interested in recording battery charging data.

In addition to its advanced Battery Support Unit capabilities, it is an extremely sophisticated battery charger, suitable for charging all lead acid battery types, as well as the latest generation of Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries.

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Quiksteel is claimed to be the only epoxy putty to withstand up to 300°C and offer a rapid cure time of just a few minutes. This makes it ideal for technicians, who need a reliable industrial strength repair, particularly in emergency situations. Quiksteel is completely resistant to fuel, oil and even battery acid, so it really can handle the toughest repair situations around the vehicle and workshop. Quiksteel will make strong and permanent repairs to all sorts of materials, including all metals, ceramics, glass, wood and hard plastics.

Available in a variety of colours and packs, offering Quiksteel to your customers will give them the repair solution that they have been looking for.

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Exhaust temperature sensors are subject to extreme strain levels, with operating temperatures ranging between -40°C and +1,200°C. Delivering reliable and precise measurement results is an absolute must in order to enhance the combustion process and keep emissions low. Correct temperature measurements are vital for long turbocharger and catalytic converter life, and effective particle filter regeneration. To comply with these requirements, Meyle offers more than 250 Meyle-Original exhaust temperature sensors, covering Mercedes-Benz, VAG, Opel, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia, Volvo and more.

Meyle’s engineers have designed a wide range of sensors to OE specifications. Thanks to the large number of intake openings, the Meyle-Original exhaust temperature sensors (EGT) ensure precise temperature readings and swift data processing. The high-temperature sensor has an operating range between -40°C and +1,200°C. The generously dimensioned heat protection hose with interior coating ensures maximum insulation and protection against thermal and mechanical overload. This is claimed to result in optimal temperature control, leading to reduced pollutant emissions and improved fuel efficiency.

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Schaeffler has unveiled its REPXPERT app, which was launched on the opening day of Automechanika Birmingham 2019.

The company believes that the app is set to transform the way that technicians utilise the online portal, with REPXPERTs now able to source product details for repair solutions and invaluable installation instructions, as well as gain access to TecDoc and product details from across the independent automotive aftermarket – all from the palm of their hands.

On the user-friendly homescreen, which is recognisably REPXPERT branded and in line with the website and e-newsletter, users are faced with a variety of icons, one of which is ‘Vehicle Search’. This feature allows users to quickly find the parts they need for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Once the user finds the correct vehicle, the app allows the user to either browse by Schaeffler brands – LuK, INA, FAG or Ruville – or by product group.

Another crucial feature is ‘Part Search’, which allows REPXPERTs to find parts by typing in a Schaeffler, OE or competitor part number or even an EAN code. Alternatively, the user can just simply click ‘Barcode Scan’ and use the camera on their device to scan the barcode on any Schaeffler packaging.

‘CheckPoint’ another icon in the REPXPERT app, is currently home to a complete version of the previous LuK DMF CheckPoint app, a must-have for anybody servicing or repairing clutches with a dual mass flywheel. Other CheckPoint functions to be added include INA timing systems, which will feature tensioner and pulley stud torque values, and more belt service-related information.

Registered users can log-in using their existing details, while new members can sign-up, via the REPXPERT app, free-of charge. The REPXPERT app can be downloaded, also for free, for all Apple iOS and Android devices.

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Serenco claims that its range of OXO OSM (Organised Storage Modules) is a garage’s solution for upgrading to static storage in the workshop. The company offers endless possibilities with a huge range of units, worktops and accessories.

Serenco’s offerings allow workshops to portray a professional image and increase efficiency, whilst protecting tools and equipment from theft, loss and damage. A personalised, tailored solution for every workspace – from small to large, workshops to warehouses, there’s something for everyone.

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In line with the recent surge in the use of Electronic Parking Brake (EPB) technology, Shaftec has seen a massive increase in the sale of its remanufactured EPB calipers. The latest figures show that comparing a five month period (January to May) in 2018 against 2019, sales of one of its fastest moving EPB calipers – for the VW Passat – have risen by 84%, signaling a huge increase in aftermarket demand.

And remanufacturing is definitely the way to go, according to Shaftec. “For both affordability and environmental reasons, there is plenty of room for market growth of remanufactured calipers,” says Tom Curtis, Shaftec Director. “New calipers, particularly EPB calipers are becoming more expensive. Remanufactured products represent excellent value without compromising on quality. Also, with more and more emphasis being placed on recycling to aid the environment, the sensible solution is to choose remanufactured products.”

The company’s first task is to assess the core for its remanufacturing suitability. The criteria are bespoke to the product being remanufactured, but in all cases, the core has to meet certain safety standards so it cannot be broken or cracked. The team then utilises stateof- the-art methods and machinery, and always uses new high quality hardware and perishable parts (and new motors in the case of EPB calipers). In addition to a range of more than 200 EPB calipers, catering for the majority of the European car parc, Shaftec also supplies them in a range of generic colours, such as in red, black and green.

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TOUGH by Swarfega’s SPF30 Sun Protection Cream is said to provide 30 times the skin’s normal protection against the sun’s damaging UVB rays. This formula is water resistant, suitable for everyday use and will not affect grip on hand held tools. It is a broad-spectrum sun cream that provides protection against UVA, UVB and UVC rays. Each tube contains 100ml of cream, ideal for chucking in a toolkit – and it’s perfume free, keeping skin safe without that sickly after-smell.

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the world, with cases on the rise in the UK. Overexposure to UV radiation can be a serious health risk for those who work outdoors or on the move, so taking the right measures to stay protected is vital.

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Textar has added to its aftermarket product range by manufacturing a number of brake pads.

This includes rear brake pads for:

  • Porsche Panamera 2017
  • Audi E-Tron 2018
  • BMW 8 2018
  • BMW X4 2018
  • BMW X5 2018
  • DS DS3 2018
  • Kia Ceed Sportswagon 2018
  • Peugeot 508 2018
  • Seat Terraco 2018

And front brake pads for:

  • Porsche Panamera 2017
  • Hyundai Nexo 2018
  • Peugeot 508 2018
  • Seat Terraco 2018
  • Skoda Scala 2019

Textar, which is manufactured by TMD Friction, covers 99.9% of the UK car parc and includes pads, discs, accessories and brake fluid available for next day delivery. The range of premium brake pads is further complemented by a wide range of brake discs, including high carbon and composite discs.

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Unilite’s new Hexatec range consists of three industrially tough hexagon shaped work lights that are built to excel in a garage environment. All three lights in the range have been constructed from a blend of super tough aluminum and hardened rubber, which collaborate to give the range protection, confirming their IP65 dust and water resistance, and IK07 shock resistance. This helps them to survive all the trials and tribulations that they are likely to face in a garage environment.

The light output is strong across the range. The SLR-1300 has a 1,300 Lumen output, the SLR-2500 has a 2,500 Lumen output, and the largest unit, the SLR-4750, has a 4,750 Lumen output. These all provide a wide spread of beam thanks to their COB LED, making them useful for any task in the engine bay or underneath a vehicle.

All three of the lights are rechargeable via varying Li-ion batteries. These deliver a strong performance, whilst not burdening the lights with too much excess weight. The SLR-1300 is recharged easily via DC-USB, whilst the SLR-2500 and SLR-4750 are charged via a mains multi-country charger. If required, the SLR-2500 and the SLR-4750 can run off mains power alone.

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Walker Products has been delivering replacement Lambda Sensors to the UK and European market for over 22 years. Claiming to be committed to developing a programme that meets and exceeds OE quality in all specifications, the company’s Lambda offering has grown to over 1,100 part numbers for the automotive market, and now branches into motorcycle and marine applications.

Walker’s Lambda sensors are said to be developed using 100% OE components and are 100% performance tested to ensure OE fit, form and function.

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Laser tools

Multi V-belts are commonly used on the auxiliary drive systems on modern motor vehicles. It is important to ensure that all the pulleys are correctly aligned to avoid premature belt wear and ensure maximum belt life. This new multi v-belt pulley alignment tool (part number 7644) from Laser Tools provides an easy visual check of pulley alignment. Use it before fitting a new belt.

This is a visual checking tool that comprises an alignment pointer and a marked alignment checking segment. These are designed to fit snugly into the V-grooves of the pulleys on the crankshaft, auxiliary components (alternator or A/C compressor, for example) and tensioners. When the tool is set up in equal positions on the two pulleys being checked (typically, two vgrooves in from the outer edge), looking down the straight, silver-steel alignment pointer gives an instant visual confirmation of correct (or otherwise) alignment.

The tool quickly picks up on common misalignment problems: parallel misalignment, angular misalignment (component not mounted correctly perhaps), and pulley runout, which could be caused by a bent pulley shaft, a bent pulley, or worn and damaged bearings. Again, the pulley alignment tool gives a clear visual indication of the amount of misalignment or run-out.

The multi v-belt pulley alignment tool is an EU Registered Design, and manufactured by Laser Tools at its plant in Sheffield.

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Philips’ halogen headlight bulbs are manufactured and approved in accordance with regulatory requirements (ECE R37). The specifications include the permitted luminous flux in lumen, electrical power consumption and all the dimensions from the glass bulb itself to the base.

These specifications aim to ensure that every approved H4 bulb, for example, fits into every headlight intended to be used with a H4 bulb and that the combination provides the correct light beam.

In a recent report, Philips XtremeVision was the best performer for high beam reach in the most ‘important areas’: 50-75m to the right and 50m in the front of the car; therefore, it met both angle and brightness standards.

Lumileds Business Development Manager Automotive – UK and Ireland, Richard Armstrong, said, “These are important tests, as they emphasise the confidence and trust that motor factors, technicians and end-users have in our products. These results also back-up our claim that Philips X-tremeVision headlight bulbs are engineered for the ultimate in visibility and performance.

“Because headlight bulbs are a safety-critical product, we are continuing our mission to improve our offering further and ensure motorists are as safe as possible. We hope all motor factors and technicians supply bulbs that meet regulations.”

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