Mobiletron Names its Popular Products

Mobiletron Names its Popular Products

Stay ahead of the competition by keeping up to speed with the latest products that are selling well within the aftermarket. This month, Mobiletron highlights a selection of products that could make a difference.

Brake wear sensors 

The brake wear sensor, also referred to as a brake wear indicator, is an additional safety feature on many vehicles. It alerts the driver when the brake pads are wearing thin. The BWS is mounted on the brake pad and routed through the calliper on any combination of the four wheels.

When the pad has worn to a pre-defined point, the brake pad sensor makes contact with the metal of the brake disc and completes an electrical circuit; this sends a signal to the dashboard in the form of a warning light.

Once a brake pad sensor has made contact with the disc, it cannot be reused. Every time brake pads are changed, new brake pad sensors also need to be installed.

Ignition coils

One of Mobiletron’s core products is its ignition coil range. With over 35 years of manufacturing experience, the company has one of the largest ranges of ignition products available to the aftermarket and covers all popular European, Asian and American applications.

The coils are used to transform the car battery’s low voltage into the thousands of volts needed to create a spark in the spark plug, thus igniting the fuel.

Voltage regulator testers

Mobiletron’s COM02 Voltage regulator tester is a product that has been developed to reduce costs for BSS and LIN regulator testing. The portable handheld tester, with an intuitive interface, tests both RVC and COM regulators giving you the most accurate results possible.

A vehicle’s voltage regulator controls power distribution from the alternator to the battery and the tester is an essential tool as it will ensure that any faults are easily identified and can be resolved as quickly as possible.

The regulator tester can automatically detect the regulator’s protocol and ID code. This is important if the protocol and ID do not match perfectly, then the vehicle will show a warning lamp on the dashboard.

Camshaft and crankshaft sensors 

The camshaft sensor is a vital part of the modern-day internal combustion engine. The camshaft sensor tracks the position of the camshaft, making sure the ECU fires the correct cylinder at the correct time.

Crankshaft sensors are used to track the engine speed and position. When used alone it forms part of a wasted spark system. When combined with a camshaft sensor, the vehicle can accurately fire the cylinders at the correct time with no wasted spark. This helps to increase the efficiency of the vehicle. If either of these sensors are faulty, the engine will begin to run rough or not start at all.

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