Launch UK introduces diagnostic tool

Launch UK introduces diagnostic tool

Launch UK has introduced its latest high-end diagnostic tool, the X-431 Euro Turbo, which has been specifically designed for challenging workshop conditions and is an upgrade from the Launch PRO S.

Developed by Launch for the European market, the handy tool features all of the well-known attributes of the company’s diagnostic software, including wide model coverage, powerful test functions, accurate test data and numerous special functions.

The rugged eight-inch touchscreen tablet uses the Android 9.1 operating system for a smooth and feature-rich experience, and the tablet housing features a useful ‘kickback’ stand and a new fool-proof charging port design.

It is supplied in a robust, hard case with all the necessary cables, including a wide range of OBD1 diagnostic connector adapters.

Using the latest Bluetooth technology, the tool allows technicians to move unhindered around the vehicle while carrying out diagnostic checks and tests, as the Euro Turbo communicates wirelessly with the latest DBS Car VCI.

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