Laser Tools showcases pliers

Laser Tools showcases pliers

Laser Tools displays its large-jaw locking pliers to PMF.

Every tool box has a pair of self-grip or locking pliers, but what if a technician needs to grip a large pipe or bar? These large-jaw locking pliers from Laser Tools could do the trick; they open right up to 65mm.

The large curved-shape jaws have sharp serrations and are designed to grip pipe-work, large diameter bars, nuts and bolts. The flat end-section of the jaws means that smaller items can also be gripped securely. 12” in length, the pliers feature a one-handed release mechanism with a soft-grip handle to allow increased grip and ease of use. The tool is manufactured from chrome molybdenum steel, and the body of the pliers is heat-treated for strength and toughness.

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