GS Yuasa presents Yu-Fit battery configuration tool

GS Yuasa presents Yu-Fit battery configuration tool

Here, GS Yuasa presents its updated Yu-Fit battery configuration tool.

With battery configuration now commonplace in workshops across the country, GS Yuasa has given its Yu-Fit battery configuration tool a fresh new look. The overhaul brings with it a sleek new design, incorporating the battery manufacturer’s staple colour pairing of black and orange.

Although once a rarity, research conducted by GS Yuasa highlighted the fact that workshops and garages are seeing increasing numbers of vehicles fitted with a Battery Management System (BMS). No longer exclusive to premium vehicles, these systems monitor a vehicle’s battery throughout its life to maintain optimum charge efficiency and operation of the start-stop system.

If fitted, it is essential to reprogram the BMS via the on-board diagnostics (OBD) port following the installation of a replacement battery. Failure to correctly reprogram the BMS or fit the correct specification battery can lead to a number of problems, including general system faults, in-car error messages, and complete loss of the start-stop functionality.

Already a mainstay of workshops across Europe, the Yu-Fit has proved incredibly popular with workshop technicians due to its compact form factor, robust design, and value for money. Designed with optimum user experience in mind, the GS Yuasa Yu-Fit features easy-to-use buttons and a clear OLED display.

GS Yuasa Yu-Fit

David Shield, General Manager Engineering (Automotive & Motorcycle) for GS Yuasa Europe, commented, “Battery replacement is no longer a five-minute task. In fact, battery configuration is fast becoming the norm. To ensure it’s both a quick and easy task, the GS Yuasa Yu-Fit has been specifically designed to be one of the most user-friendly tools available. In fact, battery validation can typically be achieved in less than 60 seconds!”

“When looking to overhaul the Yu-Fit, we were keen to ensure we maintained the robust design and simple operation. The Yu-Fit offers fantastic value for money and is widely regarded as one of the easiest diagnostic tools to use on the market. Although garages may already own diagnostic equipment, to have such a centrally important tool tied up on a relatively straightforward task is not ideal.”

The GS Yuasa Yu-Fit is supplied with a carry case, a 12 month warranty and a 12 month battery validation subscription.

For more information on the GS Yuasa Yu-Fit, click here.

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