Digital Tyre Inflator

Digital Tyre Inflator

Ring Automotive Digital Tyre Inflator.

Ring claims that its new range of tyre inflators combine excellent inflation speeds with an intuitive new design.

The flagship product in the range is the RTC1000 Rapid Digital Tyre Inflator. The RTC1000 can inflate a 13” tyre from zero to 35PSI in just two minutes, and has a large digital screen, making it easy to see readings in any light conditions. The quick-set auto stop ensures accurate inflation: the inflator will automatically stop when the set pressure is reached, and its quick set dial makes for improved accuracy. The inflator will also store the set pressure, ready for next time. The valve connection is made from durable brass, and the LED light makes it easier to inflate at night. Powered from the in-car 12V socket, it has a long 3.5m cable to help reach tyres all around the vehicle. It comes with a storage case and three-piece adaptor kit, and includes spare valve caps and latex gloves.

Additionally, the RTC1000 has an intuitive new design to make tyre inflation easier and quicker. The flat construction is designed to stay stable during inflation, and the large on/off button is easy to operate. There is integrated storage for the cable and airline when not in use – the airline folds neatly into the inflator, and there’s a wind-up cable to retract the power cable quickly and easily. There’s even a holder for the valve dust caps, so they don’t get lost when the tyre is being inflated.

The RTC1000 is one of the new range of inflators, which features models from the basic RTC100 Analogue Tyre Inflator, to the high powered RTC6000 Digital Tyre Inflator and Air Pump, which is rechargeable and includes a high-power tyre inflator, air bed pump, LED light and power bank for recharging devices.

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