Castrol launches engine shampoo

Castrol launches engine shampoo

Castrol has launched a pre-oil change treatment, Castrol Engine Shampoo, which helps maintain the efficient
 operation of gasoline and light diesel engines.

reduces harmful sludge deposits by up to 85% in
gasoline engines, as shown by tests at the Castrol 
Technology Centre. Engine sludge builds up over time
 in an engine, and is not removed during a standard oil
 change. It can clog vital oil passageways, reducing 
the power, efficiency, and overall engine life.

Castrol Engine Shampoo contains solvent-free Powerful Cleaning Agent (PCA) additive technology, delivering a deep yet gentle clean. The product can be used safely in both gasoline and light diesel engines, as well as in motorbikes and light commercial vehicles.

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