Castrol launches direct battery e-thermal fluid

Castrol launches direct battery e-thermal fluid

Castrol has launched an advanced ‘direct’ battery e-thermal fluid that will enable future generations of EVs to be charged more rapidly and offer increased performance, protection, and sustainability.

Almost all of today’s EVs feature batteries using water/glycol-based coolants contained within a ‘jacket’ that surrounds the battery module. In line with technology demands of the future, the new Castrol ON e-thermal fluid is an innovative dielectric fluid formulated specifically for ‘direct’ cooling, where the fluid circulates within the module and in direct contact with individual battery cells. The result is a significant improvement in thermal management in all operating conditions, at high and low ambient temperatures, for a longer battery life.

The fluid also allows EV batteries to be charged more rapidly, and can ensure better management of potential technical problems within the battery module.

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