Battery charger and power management system

Battery charger and power management system

To meet power demands, CTEK has launched the D250SE, a 20A DC/DC battery charger, and the CTEK SMARTPASS 120S, a 120A power management system.

They are are compatible with all 12V service batteries, including lithium. Key features include:


  • Compatible with smart alternators
  • Delivers 20A of power to charge and maintain 12V service batteries whilst on the move
  • Dual input capability means it can draw power from solar sources
  • Built-in temperature sensor compensates for hot or cold conditions without the risk of over- or under-charging
  • Smart alternator compatibility


  • Distributes power between the starter battery, the service battery and on-board equipment, without the need for traditional diodes or VSR relays
  • Smart alternator compatibility
  • Current source priority supplies power to critical equipment directly from the alternator when the engine is running
  • Start assistance

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