Autogem unveils TPMS handheld solution

Autogem unveils TPMS handheld solution

Autogem has unveiled its most advanced TPMS handheld solution to date. The I-sensor Pro features Wi-Fi connectivity, wireless Bluetooth and an integrated autofocus camera, allowing for instant, personalised tyre pressure reporting.

On top of this, the updated handheld device features a completely integrated tread depth measuring device to give technicians the full picture of the condition of each tyre they are tending to – all on an easy-to-read colour screen.

Latest updates

Like its predecessor, the I-sensor Pro duplicates sensors electronically or manually and can create a brand new, unique sensor in a matter of seconds. It diagnoses sensors at the wheel side, and Autogem claims that it boasts 99% coverage of all direct TPMS vehicles in the UK.

Perhaps most impressively of all, the device can make sensors on demand using the I-sensor blanks. As a patented programmable blank sensor, no information is preloaded into the sensor. This extends battery life, but more importantly, it means that there is no obsolescence by having a sensor on a shelf. It also means that users don’t need to spend time working out which sensor to use, as coverage is defined by the tool’s software version and not the sensor itself.

In another development, a tyre tread measuring device has been added to allow quick and easy diagnosis of any tyres in need of replacement. Via an easy-to-read colour screen on the handheld device, a report can then be shared with motorists so they are fully aware of the state of their tyres before the next steps are agreed.


As is the case with all Autogem aftermarket solutions, a comprehensive training package sits alongside the product, whether it’s online, on paper or on the phone.

An example of this is the company’s online ‘TPMS tune-up sessions’, which enable installer partner customers to counteract the loss of traditional face-to-face interaction due to lockdown.

Customers can visit and book an online ‘TPMS tune up session’ during the slot times available to discuss their TPMS experience with a member of Autogem’s technical team. The objective of the sessions is to point the installer partner to the relevant tools, support and training to help tune up their TPMS sensor and service kit sales.

For more information on the I-sensor Pro, click here.

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