Settlement reached in Volkswagen case

Settlement reached in Volkswagen case

The Volkswagen Group and the Claimants have announced they have reached an out of court settlement in the Volkswagen NOx Emissions Group Litigation.

As a consequence of the settlement, a total payment of £193m is being made to all Claimants by the Volkswagen Group. A separate contribution is also being made by the Volkswagen Group towards the Claimants’ legal costs and other fees.

The case came after Volkswagen Group was found to have installed software into certain vehicles which detected when the cars were undergoing emissions testing, and would temporarily reduce the amount of harmful exhaust gas, to meet the testing standards. As a result of this, payments will be received in respect of 91,000 claims.

Slater and Gordon CEO, David Whitmore, said:  “At Slater and Gordon, we are passionate about securing the best possible outcome for our clients, and I am immensely proud of this excellent result for around 70,000 Slater and Gordon Claimants.

“Over the last five years, Slater and Gordon has rightly dedicated a significant and unwavering commitment to this case, providing an expert voice to consumers.

“This settlement is the product of exceptional work by our dedicated specialist team. We would also like to thank litigation funder Therium, which since 2016, has provided the funding that allowed Claimants to pursue their claims through the courts.”

Slater and Gordon Principal Lawyer, Alicia Thompson, added: “Leading on this ground-breaking Collective Action has been a privilege. I am delighted to have secured this settlement for our clients and am grateful to them for their patience in what has been a lengthy process.

“Such a great outcome would not have been possible without the dedication, hard work and determination of the Slater and Gordon team of lawyers, who have devoted years to this complex case. I would also like to thank the Claimant Committee for their commitment, challenge and diligence throughout. I am proud of what we have achieved for such a significant number of clients.

“Results such as these show how vital it is for people to reach out to expert lawyers to fight for their cause.”

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