Launch UK introduces diagnostic device

Launch UK introduces diagnostic device

Launch UK has introduced a smart diagnostic device, which supplies full-systems diagnosis for more than 68 vehicle brands.

The X-431 Euro Mini has been designed to offer wider model coverage, powerful test functions and the ability to accurately test data. It allows technicians to carry out actuation tests, coding, service resets and vehicle coverage enquiries.

The device also performs DTC reading using Google search, and has an integrated translation function to remove any barriers around various languages.

Thanks to the Android 7.0 operating system, diagnostic reports can be printed using the Launch Mini printer. The diagnostic reports show the DTC status of each ECU and can be saved as a screenshot or PDF file.

The X-431 Euro Mini also allows all data to be available in different formats including diagrams and data recording, providing technicians with an excess of data visuals.

With a WiFi connection, vehicle software can also be updated, providing technicians with up-to-date data.

For more information on the X-431 Euro Mini, click here.

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