IAAF issues statement on MOT proposal

IAAF issues statement on MOT proposal

IAAF has issued a statement following the emerging news that the Government could potentially make the decision to extend the MOT Test.

This would see MOTs become a two-yearly process and has been proposed to help reduce the cost-of-living crisis.

Mark Field, IAAF Chief Executive, said: “Each time the MOT test frequency has been called into question, it has been proven beyond doubt that extending the test frequency would actually mean an increase in repair costs for drivers, insurance premiums and harmful emissions, as well as reducing road safety as there will be an increase in defective vehicles on UK roads. It would also be a significant blow to thousands of independent garages and the entire automotive supply chain, who were able to remain open throughout the coronavirus pandemic, ensuring the safe and affordable mobility of essential workers and members of the public.”

Hayley Pells, Owner of Avia Autos and IAAF Garage Section Head, added: “It is surprising, given the decision to end the  six-month extension during the pandemic prematurely (when it was actively demonstrated how important this cost-effective check is to road safety), that this VAT-free inspection is considered as poor value for money. In order to maintain the legal obligation of the motorist for road worthiness, the only option would be a VAT-applied solution. I question if this is of better value to the motorist and have concerns regarding the safety of more vulnerable road users. Approximately one in three presentations for MOT testing in class 4 fail, and out of those failures – around 30% fail on brakes.”

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