Aftermarket auto parts start-up launches in the UK

Aftermarket auto parts start-up launches in the UK

SMIC Autoparts, an automotive aftermarket start-up, has been established to reinvent the parts supply process and introduce the “Parivaar” way of working in the UK.

SMIC Autoparts aims to do this with a best-value approach and a focus on Integrity, Safety & Quality – its core values to help its customers “Ride in Confidence”.

Born from Sona Mandhira Private Limited, which has been established in India and the SAARC region for more than a decade, it hopes to continue the global expansion from its London HQ in Knightsbridge through SMIC Autoparts.

SMIC Autoparts will also leverage a distribution network in the Middle East, Europe, North & South America and the African continent via its sister offices in the UAE and India – with the US to follow in 2022.

Founder of SMIC Autoparts and CMD of Sona Mandhira, Mandhira Kapur, said: “I believe in daring to be different so I’ve moved our global headquarters to London because I believe the UK’s automotive aftermarket industry is an exciting place to be and a natural gateway to our European and North American expansion. We’ve also opened a sister office in Dubai to amplify our MENA links. We’re bringing a start-up, entrepreneurial approach to launching our new product line here and eventually helping resolve the availability crisis deeply affecting the industry.”

The Sona Mandhira brand is known for aftermarket products and SMIC Autoparts is backed by Sona Mandhira’s team of R&D experts.

Mandhira added: “In Indian culture, it’s all about relationships. I genuinely care about our suppliers who are also our salespeople and that permeates throughout the company. We believe in working together to ensure all parties enjoy future growth. We want to be successful and we want to help you to be successful. We genuinely feel like a family, and in an often impersonal world, we want to make it more personal and grow that community ethos here.”

The bespoke e-commerce platform will go live in autumn 2022 but in the meantime, you can contact the team at

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