Ring Names its Popular Products

Ring Names its Popular Products

Picking the right inspection lighting is critical in a busy garage: it will improve working conditions and reduce eye strain. However, with a wide range of workshop lighting available, which is the best for your customers?

Best for: tough workshops

Inspection tools must be able to withstand rigorous, daily use. For the toughest environments, we recommend lamps that are made from robust materials. The RIL5300HP Al3 LED Inspection Lamp and the RIL5500HP Al5 Super Bright Inspection Lamp are made from lightweight aluminium with rubber edging, which makes them able to stand up to most knocks and drops.

Best for: versatility and flexibility 

Getting light into tricky spots is challenging, particularly in an engine bay or when working under a vehicle. To help solve this daily problem, Ring has launched the RIL3900HP MAGflex Pivot inspection lamp. At just 6mm thick, it can fit into even the narrowest spaces, and still emits an impressive 400 lumens. It also pivots and rotates, and comes with two magnets and an integrated hook, to get light exactly where you need it.

Best for: under-bonnet illumination

With a light output of up to 1,000 lumens, the RUBL1000 Under Bonnet Lamp and RURL1000 Ramp Lamp both give exceptional illumination for some of the darkest areas in the workshop. The Under Bonnet Lamp has an extendable arm, making it suitable for most makes and models, with padded hooks to attach easily to the bonnet without damaging paintwork. The Ramp Lamp features an extremely strong magnet and hinge, so it can be attached to a metal ramp and adjusted to the best position. But what makes these lamps excellent for technicians is the ability to adjust the three individual LED lamps to eliminate shadows.

Best for: pocket-sized lighting

For quick jobs, a pocket-size tool is a great option. The RIT1010 Zoom110 Micro Inspection Torch combines compact size with bright 110 lumen light output, as well as 6x optical zoom to choose from a broad or concentrated beam. At 8.3cm long and weighing just 80g, it is ideal to keep on- hand for quick inspections.

Quality assured

To ensure its lamps are suitable for professionals, Ring extensively tests them in its on-site ISO:9001- accredited Quality Assurance facilities. The light output is verified in Ring’s beam laboratories to ensure the lumen output, colour and beam patterns are exceptional. Other tests ensure that the Li-Ion batteries provide consistent power and prevent the light from dimming during use. Testing is also carried out to make sure that the materials and construction of the lamps can withstand constant and intense use.

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