Ring discusses battery maintenance tools

Ring discusses battery maintenance tools

Matt McKenzie, Battery Care Product Manager at Ring, takes PMF through some of the best battery maintenance tools in the company’s portfolio.

Batteries are one of the hardest working components on a modern vehicle. Not only do they have to cope with the demands of winter, but they are required to work all year round at optimum levels, due to complex vehicles and the enormous amounts of electrical content they contain. Let’s take a look at some of the company’s chosen batteries.

Best for: Versatility and power – RBAG750

Meet Ring’s very first 12 and 24V graphical battery analyser. This new addition is an upgrade to the RBAG700, and enables the user to carry out a complete health check of the battery and electrical systems of 12 and 24V vehicles, including motorcycles, cars and trucks.

Like its predecessor, the RBAG750 is different to other analysers in that it uses an intuitive graphical interface, which makes it easier and quicker for technicians to diagnose faults.

The microprocessor control can analyse and test battery capacity without applying a load, providing fast, accurate results on batteries of up to 1700CCA. A low-range setting is also included for testing motorcycle batteries.

Ring discusses battery maintenance tools

The RBAG750 is not limited to testing battery cranking performance; other components able to be tested include the alternator (including a diode ripple test) and the starter and earth system, providing a complete health check of the battery system to help technicians diagnose potential faults.

As 24V vehicles comprise two 12V batteries, each battery should be tested individually to ensure an accurate diagnosis. When testing the alternator and starter motor on 24V vehicles, the two 12V batteries can be left in series.

Best for: The professional – RSCPR50

Suitable for lead acid, gel, AGM and calcium 12V batteries, the fast-charging RSCPR50 provides technicians with a reliable option, restoring a battery from a deeply discharged state and allowing it to operate at full performance.

The programmable eight-stage battery smart charger has multiple charge rate settings and is a complete battery support unit. It is ideal for maintaining a constant battery voltage level during vehicle maintenance; electrically winding handbrake systems, for example, will continue to use the vehicle’s power during diagnosis.

Ring discusses battery maintenance tools

The unit features a multi-chemistry function to set the specific charge required for different battery types. A power supply function also maintains the battery voltage when appliances are connected and drawing power.

Best for: Quick solutions – RPPL700

The RPPL700 is a technician’s go-to tool to help get motorists back on the road as quickly as possible.

The lithium jump starter is ideal for petrol vehicles up to 8.0L and diesel vehicles up to 6.0L, such as motorcycles, cars, 4x4s, vans, commercial vehicles and boats.

Ring discusses battery maintenance tools

It has a tough build with rubber moulding and is 75% lighter than an equivalent lead acid jump starter, making it more mobile and ideal for frequent use within the workshop.

Under normal conditions with a fully functioning alternator, and if the jump starter is fully charged before use, leaving the clamps connected to the vehicle will recharge the jump starter from the vehicle alternator in just 60 seconds.

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