Motorcycle Servicing

Motorcycle Servicing

Autodata says that 95% of motorcycle owners also own other vehicles and that by servicing them, your customers are opening themselves up to added revenue streams, which can filter back to you.

According to The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA), there are over 1.25 million motorcycles registered in the UK today, with motorcycle sales rising by 11.7% in the last year. However, according to research, only 1% of UK workshops currently service and repair motorcycles.

With 95% of motorcycle owners also owning other vehicles (Department of Transport – National Travel Survey, 2015), a key opportunity for repeat custom is being missed by workshops who aren’t currently servicing motorbikes. The aftermarket tends to assume that most motorcycle owners want to, or even have the skill and knowledge to maintain their own motorcycles as they are easier to service and repair than other vehicles – a misconception, says technical automotive information provider Autodata.

With over 43 years of experience in providing the aftermarket with technical data tools they require, Autodata saw a great opportunity for workshops and factors to extend their business value amongst customers who own both cars and motorcycles, as well as the chance for workshops to build new business relationships with motorcyclists who are also likely to own other types of vehicles, leading to a pull through of sales for motor factors.

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With the possible profit potential for garages in mind, Autodata has released Autodata for Motorcycles, an automotive
technical information application for workshops. Like Autodata’s online workshop application for cars and light commercial vehicles, workshops that subscribe to Autodata for Motorcycles also benefit from easy access to accurate and relevant information such as technical specifications, repair times, diagnostic trouble codes, and an estimate calculator to support technicians as they carry out servicing and repairs to motorcycles.

Max Lienard, Head of Product & Market Development at Autodata Group, says: “Many workshop owners feel they don’t have the technical knowledge to service or repair motorcycles – but the fundamentals are the same, and we now provide an easy-to-use workshop application to assist technicians with motorcycle diagnostics and repairs.”

With companies like Autodata actively encouraging garages to consider servicing motorcycles, it would pay for motor factors to open up a dialogue with their customers to ask whether they already carry out work on motorbikes, or whether it’s something they had considered.

For further information from Autodata, click here.


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