Most Expensive UK Counties For Car Repairs
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Most Expensive UK Counties For Car Repairs

The online garage and repair marketplace,, has revealed which counties are the most expensive for the average car repair – with Cornwall topping the list. The average cost for Cornwall sits at £303.99 per repair, whilst Derbyshire is the cheapest county in the UK at £172.40 per repair. analysed its internal price data for car repairs over a four month period, excluding MOTs, and has created a nationwide map to represent the varying costs across the county (see Fig.1). The car repair platform has also created a postcode cost calculator, where visitors to the website can find out what the average car repair cost is for their area.

Cornwall is the most expensive county in the UK for car repairs at £303.99, whilst Derbyshire is the cheapest at £172.40. The UK’s capital, London, is only the 14th most expensive at £245.51, and sits just £24.64 more than the national average car repair cost of £220.87.

Most expensive Least expensive
Cornwall – £303.99 Derbyshire – £172.40
Hertfordshire – £270.51 Midlothian – £178.00
Lincolnshire – £269.89 West Lothian – £179.91
Bedfordshire – £267.93 Lanarkshire – £180.40
Devon – £263.94 Greater Manchester – £181.44
Monmouthshire – £262.08 Leicestershire – £184.92
Perthshire – £258.43 Tyne and Wear – £185.53
Suffolk – £253.52 Northamptonshire – £187.64
Oxfordshire – £249.35 Staffordshire – £188.74
East Lothian – £248.84 Glamorgan – £189.45

Al Preston, Co-Founder of, said, “It’s always interesting to find out which areas in the UK are the most expensive when it comes to car repairs. It comes as a bit of a surprise to us that London isn’t in the top 10, however, that’s probably because there is more competition there than somewhere like Cornwall, which will often drive down the average cost.

“I think many assume that garages have a flat rate dependent on the repair, but it’s not always as simple as that, it just depends on how much damage there is, how much the parts cost and how much labour time is needed. Regardless of the reasons for the most and least expensive areas to get a car repaired, we would always encourage use of to compare quotes and reviews.”


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