Clear vision

Clear vision

Continental Direct takes us through a selection of its wiper blades, highlighting the difference that using the right wiper blade can make.

Continental Direct presents a range of vehicle specific wiper blades, boxed in matched front pairs and rear singles with factory premounted exact fittings, which means that assorted adaptors are no longer needed. Made to OE quality matching standards and featuring 100% natural EU rubber, the Direct-Fit range is, according to Continental Direct, engineered to deliver the highest levels of performance.

A flat, aerodynamic design is built around a solid ‘flexed’ pre-tensioned steel beam blade, which evenly distributes contact pressure for increased wiping performance. An integrated spoiler further reduces lift, even at higher speeds.

Natural rubber allows for efficient, quieter wiping and a greater flexibility in the coldest temperatures, characteristics that improve winter resistance and enhance service life. Quick and accurate identification of all blades with Autocat V8 certified data ensures that each set is a perfect fit.

CDPlus Rear Arm and Wiper Blades

CD blade

This range is for the growing number of vehicles where it is only possible to replace the rear wiper blade along with the arm as a complete unit. It contains 176 references designed to cover modern applications for all popular European and Asian vehicles, supported by MAM Autocat+ MMI certified data, and are made to Original Equipment quality matching standards.

Greenline Universal Wiper Blades

CD blade

The Greenline Universal Wiper Blade series is ideally positioned for a price-conscious market, offering a combination of performance and affordability. Greenline Universal delivers competitive pricing along with minimum inventory commitment, without sacrificing in quality or performance.

Greenline Universal Aero Wiper Blades


This range offers flat, joint-less blades from 13 to 32”. The range is designed with two tensioned steel strips that apply the whole length of the blade to the windscreen for an even, consistent pressure. It’s also equipped with an aerodynamic spoiler that reduces wind lift and noise at higher speeds. Featuring a unique natural and synthetic mix rubber blade edge, the blades are designed to provide quality performance, durability, and an enhanced life-span. It also comes with all of the necessary connectors, as well as detailed fitting instructions.

Greenline Universal Rear Wiper Blades


The Greenline Universal Rear Wiper Blades presents a range from 9 to 16”. Featuring a rubber blade edge that is a unique natural and synthetic mix, this range also comes with the necessary connectors that are required and detailed fitting instructions.

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