Changing Attitudes to Hand Protection

Changing Attitudes to Hand Protection

A growing awareness and change in attitudes towards the need for hand protection against harmful chemicals has become more apparent in several industries including that of the automotive industry, as Fortress Distribution explains.

Whilst nitrile disposable gloves have initially been worn in the automotive industry to keep hands clean from dirt and grime, there is now a shift towards wearing them to protect skin from harmful chemicals found in oils, lubricants, and brake fluids. This shift in attitude has increased demand for a premium quality glove which gives confidence to the end user that the glove will withstand the job in hand and won’t tear or split.

Fortress Distribution has been selling the premium US brand Black Mamba Gloves in the UK for the last five years and says it has seen significant growth in usage and demand across many industries. In response to specific requirements from the automotive industry Fortress Distribution introduced the Black Mamba Torque Grip Glove over three years ago. The Black Mamba Torque Grip is a powder free nitrile disposable glove designed with a unique Torque Grip pattern over the entire hand area to optimise surface performance and allow outstanding grip at all times. Targeted at the automotive market the gloves are said to provide an effective barrier against oils, acids and other chemicals.

Market for a premium glove

Decisions on which glove to use in automotive applications have all too often made purely on unit cost. The company says this can often be a false economy as a premium glove will not only outlast a standard nitrile glove, making it more cost effective in the long run, but will also offer added protection.

This is invaluable when dealing with chemicals and solvents found in automotive workshops, exposure to
which over time can lead to various serious skin complaints. Companies that understand these issues will favour a premium glove for their employees over a standard nitrile which is why Fortress Distribution says motor factors should look to complement their range by adding a premium quality glove.

Point-of-sale ready

Already offering visually striking packaging, Black Mamba has further enabled motor factors to increase sales of the Torque Grip Glove with a point-of-sale ready unit. The outer case containing 10 retail bags, each with 10 gloves, is said to visually stand out with the trademark black and yellow colours, but it is small enough in design to take up only a minimal amount of space on trade counters and retail shelves. The unit is said to offer factors a great opportunity to increase revenue from add-on sales to both trade customers and consumers.

Handy packaging

The automotive industry in recent years has seen a significantly increased awareness and need for the use of
nitrile gloves to protect against harmful substances. Managing a business’s consumption of these gloves can cause a challenge. The new handy Torque Grip glove packaging is said to provide a solution to this problem whereby individual mechanics can now be issued with their own pack of ten gloves and be held accountable for their own use. This gives the management of garage and workshops another tool to help them reduce the overall consumption of gloves.

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