Aftermarket trends

Aftermarket trends

Factor-Sales has produced a review of value and unit trends that measure key product categories in the UK aftermarket. Whilst some of these product categories hold up relatively well, the overall picture isn’t so pretty.

The table below lists the performance of key aftermarket categories in both value and units. Factor-Sales has gathered this data from the daily trading practices of over 800 motor factors.

The measure covers the year from 06/10/2018, up until the same period in 2019 for sales from motor factors to garages.


The numbers reported showed a generally depressed market, with some significant reductions in unit sales, to a certain extent, being masked in some product categories by a general increase in prices.

Unfortunately, it appears that there is no good news at the moment, as the latest quarter returns paint an even bleaker picture.

Of course, certain product categories are holding up better than others, but the overall impression is that the major repair categories have suffered the most. It is possible that the uncertainty over, for example, Brexit, has caused customers to restrict their spend to basic services rather than committing to any major works.

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