Witham Group introduces Prolan Extreme

Witham Group introduces Prolan Extreme

Witham Group believes that as the move towards ecofriendliness accelerates and desire to find natural, yet premium lubricants and greases strengthens, it has the answer with Prolan, which protects any metal component in the fight against rust and corrosion.

Everything about the Prolan range is non-carcinogenic and biodegradable; therefore, whether it’s being used on vehicles, machinery, on production lines or in the home, Witham said the users and the environment will benefit from the use of no harsh chemicals.

Specifically at workshop level, though, the heavier grades, such as Prolan Extreme, perform as a vehicle under-sealer and cavity wax. It stops rust forming and protects against mud, salt and corrosive chemicals, and is ideal for vehicle chassis, panel work, frames, pins and bushes.

Due to its non-conductive properties, the Prolan range also repels moisture, so is suited for wiring systems and batteries. The long-lasting effects of the product mean that usual reapplication times are reduced – Witham said the range is proving popular in workshops.

Its managing director, Nigel Bottom, said: “As more people and companies address the use of chemicals and strive to improve their eco credentials, this remarkable, long lasting, high-quality lubricant is becoming a popular choice for workshops and at home.

“We hope workshop professionals and DIYers will be impressed, particularly if they’re putting their faith in the products for the first time – we would love to hear their feedback.”

International recognition

Prolan has gained a number of international food safety approvals and in the UK, where Witham Group is the sole importer and distributor of Prolan, the product is NSF-approved for both H1 and H2 requirements, meaning it’s labelled as a ‘food-grade lubricant’.

This ratification means Prolan is suitable for sensitive environments too – forests, waterways, food manufacturing, horticultural, agricultural and marine – underlining its green credentials and suitability as an all-rounder.

What’s more, Witham said Prolan is an excellent wood preserver; instead of creosote, linseed is utilised to protect the material from rot and greening, so can be used for painting fences, hen houses, garden furniture and other outside wooden buildings.

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