What to stock

What to stock

For factors, it is essential to stock high quality, durable components. That way, garage customers won’t need to spend as much on future repairs.

Premium quality components are fundamental, and one component that may house a myriad of risks if it is a sub-par component is the turbocharger hose. First Line is expanding its turbocharge hose range, and is sharing the risks of using low quality components on vehicles.

At first, a low quality hose will function the same as one of a higher quality. However, lower quality hoses often contain synthetic filler material or poor fitting clips, which will eventually fail. A damaged or split hose will lead to a loss of turbocharger boost, causing a lack of performance, increased emissions and reduced fuel economy. In some vehicles, it will also cause the engine to go into ‘limp-home’ mode. These risks are a common occurrence when fitting a low quality hose, and as the part is such a vital component in an engine, it’s crucial that its quality is sufficient in order to ensure safety, reliability and longevity.

When replacing a turbo hose, it is recommended that the vehicle is checked for any fault codes, as hose failure can sometimes be caused by an over-boost condition, due to a faulty sensor. Technicians should also ensure that the turbo oil seals are in good order, as worn seals can lead to oil being present in the hoses, which will result in degradation of the rubber, and ultimately, premature failure. To accommodate factors and technicians alike, First Line is expanding its turbocharger hose in order to respond to a demand in the aftermarket. Today, the range has more than 800 part numbers, accommodating popular applications and giving technicians a wide array of component choice.

First line components

Jon Roughley, Global Marketing Director, said, “Due to the abundance of turbocharged cars being produced in recent times, the new range provides scope for a competitively priced product to meet emissions standards and service the market, as main dealers currently price their products very highly.”

Joe also explained the importance of quality in the manufacturing of First Line components, explaining, “Our products use the original equipment (OE) manufacturer materials and production techniques. Coupled with a thorough testing programme throughout the various stages of manufacturing, this gives the the aftermarket the best product possible.”

Not limited to producing components, First Line also offers further support by providing, in Joe’s words, “Technical layout drawings within WebCat to aid in the identification process and accurate lookup. This breeds confidence in sourcing the correct part needed for installation. Moreover, all turbocharger hoses in the range are supplied with a two year/24,000 mile warranty against manufacturing defects, for total peace of mind.”

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